Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
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Can You Benefit from Relationship Counseling?

Relationship Counseling Great Falls VAWhile being in a romantic relationship with someone you love can bring a lot of joy, it can also present challenges at times. The truth of the matter is that relationships require work and maintenance from time to time to keep them on track. Relationship counseling in Great Falls VA through Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has worked for many people and it might help save your relationship.

Here are several signs that you and your partner might benefit from relationship counseling:

1. You Argue Constantly

It is normal to disagree from time to time. However, if you find yourself in highly emotional arguments with your partner on a regular basis, there could be a bigger issue. Arguing all the time, especially when it feels as if there is no resolution, can be exhausting. Relationship counseling in Great Falls VA might help the two of you determine why you are arguing so much and how to break through those disagreements.

2. You Have Little to No Sex

Couples who have been together for a long time might not have as much sex as they did in the beginning of the relationship. That is perfectly okay. However, if you and your partner go months without being physically intimate, something may be wrong. Physical intimacy is an important component of every romantic relationship. Without it, you may feel lonely and undesirable. If you attend relationship counseling in Great Falls VA, a counselor from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help you determine the underlying reasons for the lack of intimacy and how you might improve your sex life.

3. You and/or Your Partner Had an Affair

People in relationships may have affairs for a number of reasons. Maybe they are not attracted to their partner anymore, or perhaps they do not feel emotionally connected to their partner. No matter the reason for why it happened, an affair can devastate a relationship. The partner who was cheated on may feel betrayed, angry, and resentful. If you or your partner had an affair, relationship counseling in Great Falls VA might begin the healing process.

4. You’re Keeping Secrets from One Another

In order for a relationship to be healthy, it is important to be honest with one other. If you are keeping secrets, it may be a sign that something is wrong in the relationship. There’s a reason you feel like you can’t tell your partner certain things and relationship counseling in Great Falls VA can help you figure it out and share more openly.

5. You or Your Partner Has an Addiction

Whether it involves alcohol, gambling, or something else, an addiction can wreak havoc on a relationship. When one partner has an addiction, the other partner may feel like the addiction is more important than him or her. If you or your partner suffers from addiction, relationship counseling in Great Falls VA can help you find ways to treat it.

Learn More About the Benefits of Relationship Counseling Great Falls VA Offers

There is no shame in seeking couples counseling. It may be able to save your relationship and make the two of you stronger together as well as independently. To learn more about effective relationship counseling in Great Falls VA, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates as soon as possible.