Couples Therapy Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling
with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples —
married, dating, or engaged heterosexual or same-sex —
and at any stage of their relationships.
Lindsey Hoskins & Associates
Couples Therapy Sterling, VA

All of us at some point or another may need help; we may not like to admit that we can’t tackle our problems on our own, but it can be beneficial to consider the quality individual therapy Sterling VA residents prefer for successful treatment of important issues. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, our team of highly-trained clinicians are trained in a broad range of topics. Whether you’re experiencing individual, relationship, or family issues, we can help you to address them in the most compassionate and supportive manner possible.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Conveniently located in Sterling individual therapy sessions can be highly beneficial for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Each weekly session is a special time for you to focus on things you’d like to change, improve, or discuss. Guided in a safe, confidential environment, you can receive the earnest attention of a certified therapist who is ready to help you overcome challenges and find solutions. Considered by many to provide some of the most capable therapists for individual therapy Sterling VA offers, at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates you will experience authentic “me time,” which has the potential to enrich your life in many aspects.

Why seek individual therapy Sterling VA residents trust?

The individual therapy Sterling VA clients trust at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates offers sessions lasting between 40 and 90 minutes. Our individual therapy sessions can help you to develop new perspectives and life skills which enable you to:

  • Free yourself from habitually negative patterns.
  • Eliminate self-criticism or destructive thoughts.
  • Thwart substance abuse or problem behaviors.
  • Address emotional anguish.
  • Confront past traumas.
  • Build mental strength to move forward.
  • Improve relationships with a spouse, partner, parent, child, or other loved one.
  • Regain a sense of self-empowerment.
  • Prepare for marriage or children.
  • Cope with a breakup or divorce.
  • Identify problems which seem indefinable.
  • Confront medical ailments or relevant health decisions.
  • Tackle problematic life transitions.
  • Find balance in a hectic life.

A plan consisting of recommendations, strategies, advice, and treatment can be built based on your own unique needs. This can make a big difference, especially when it comes to sensitive problems in your life.

Why Choose Lindsey Hoskins & Associates?

We provide a positive and engaging brand of Sterling individual therapy. Have you tried therapy before and experienced the classic therapist head nod and assurances of “I see” and then the famous, “And how does that make you feel?” This is not the brand of individual therapy Sterling VA clients should expect at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. We provide an engaging form of therapy that is much more proactive in enabling you to achieve the results you should expect with help from your therapist. With Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, you can expect to feel supported by a therapist who is your ally. You are likely to walk away from your session feeling hopeful, well understood, and inspired.

Expect to be understood. If your therapist does not make the requisite effort to understand you, they cannot effectively provide coping strategies that work for you. The individual therapy Sterling VA clients have come to rely on at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates is different. We strive to listen and understand, and through our dialogue we provide actionable strategies such as how to uncover memories, make connections, deal with symptoms, find balance, and other positive resolutions.

We work together to define your goals and work toward meeting them. Through individual therapy Sterling VA clients can achieve their goals—some relatively quickly and some over time in small measurable doses. Every client is different with individualized goals and recovery plans. The important part is that you feel in control of your recovery and notice a change (large or small) within a timeframe that feels right for you. We hold ourselves to a high standard and are focused on your recovery; we understand the importance of recovery and improvement. We also understand that based on your individual goals, needs, and methods, what works most effectively for another person may not work as well for you. Some people achieve success by being challenged and others need to find their own way. Our therapists will tailor their approach to provide you with the quality individual therapy Sterling VA clients prefer in a way that is most effective on an individual basis.

We check our ego at the door. While we have a proven track record of success, we know that no therapist is perfect and a therapist who is perfectly effective for one client may not be ideal for another. With individual therapy Sterling VA clients trust at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates, if you aren’t matched with the ideal therapist for you, we will work with you to find a better fit. Nothing is more important to us than your well-being.

Take care of yourself with individual therapy in Sterling VA

When you’re considering individual therapy sessions, it’s prudent to find a professional with whom you resonate. With Lindsey Hoskins & Associates individual therapy in Sterling VA, we understand the importance of attaining a high level of comfort, rapport, and trust that is necessary between you and your therapist when sharing your private thoughts, ideas, and emotions. We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of every client. It is our goal to take the pressure off your shoulders and steer you in the direction aligned with the goals you have set. As we explore your personal stresses and concerns, we may discuss relevant matters or people in your life which could have an influence upon you and the challenges you’re facing. If at any time you wish to bring another person into the session, you may transition into couples or family therapy with your same therapist or a different clinician within the practice.

Rest assured, if you choose to seek therapy sessions with Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, you will be in good hands. If you would like to know more about our Stirling individual therapy practice or our practice in general, we invite you to reach out to us for a free consultation. To schedule an appointment for individual therapy Sterling VA residents trust, please call.

Sterling, VA couples therapy, also known as marital therapy or couples counseling, is a type of psychotherapy that is designed to help couples improve their relationship and resolve conflicts. It is a valuable resource for couples who are facing challenges and seeking guidance to strengthen their bond. Through the expertise of trained therapists from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, couples therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for couples to explore their issues, communicate effectively, and develop healthier relationship patterns.

General Goals of Couples Therapy

The main goal of couples therapy is to facilitate open and honest communication between partners. In many cases, couples have a difficult time expressing their needs, emotions, and concerns in a constructive manner. Couples therapy offers a neutral space where both partners can express themselves without fear of judgment or retribution. Therapists act as facilitators, guiding the conversation and ensuring that each partner’s perspective is heard and understood.

Identification & Addressing of Unhealthy Patterns of Behaviors

One of the key aspects of couples therapy is identifying and addressing unhealthy patterns of behavior within the relationship. These patterns can manifest as frequent arguments, resentment, or a breakdown in trust. Therapists help couples recognize these negative cycles and work towards breaking them. By understanding the underlying causes and triggers of these patterns, couples can develop healthier coping mechanisms and learn to respond to each other in more positive ways.

Sterling, VA couples therapy also provides a platform for couples to explore their individual strengths and weaknesses. Each partner brings their unique experiences, values, and expectations to the relationship, which can sometimes lead to arguments or misunderstandings. Through therapeutic interventions, couples gain insight into their own thought processes and behavioral patterns. This self-awareness allows them to take responsibility for their actions and make necessary changes to improve the relationship.

Long Term Relationship Goals

Besides addressing immediate concerns, couples therapy can also focus on long-term relationship goals. Therapists help couples define their shared vision for the future and identify the steps needed to achieve it. This may involve setting boundaries, improving communication skills, or working on intimacy and emotional connection. Couples therapy equips partners with the tools and strategies to navigate challenges together and build a fulfilling and sustainable partnership.

It is important to note that couples therapy is not a magical fix for all relationship problems. It requires commitment, effort, and active participation from both partners. The success of therapy largely depends on the willingness of each individual to reflect on their behaviors, make changes, and cultivate a more positive relationship dynamic.


Couples therapy is completely confidential, ensuring that the details of the sessions remain private. This confidentiality encourages couples to share their deepest concerns and fears without reservation, creating an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability. Therapists adhere to ethical guidelines to ensure the well-being and confidentiality of their clients.

Sterling, VA couples therapy has helped so many couples overcome difficulties and find new ways to connect and grow together. By providing a supportive environment, promoting effective communication, and fostering self-awareness, couples therapy from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates empowers partners to transform their relationship into a more fulfilling and harmonious union.