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Medical Family Therapy Sterling, VA

If you or a family member are living with a health-related challenge, seeking the medical family therapy Sterling VA trusts might be a valuable step towards helping you and your loved ones cope with the situation.Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, LLC is a group of licensed clinicians who are passionate about serving clients of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Hoskins believes everyone is capable of overcoming challenges and developing the skills needed to heal, connect, and grow as an individual and family. Guided by an experienced, supportive clinician each session can help to cultivate insight and gain understanding of a medical or health issue.

Why Medical Family Therapy in Sterling VA?

Being diagnosed with a medical issue can be extremely overwhelming. You might struggle to accommodate the need and demands which arise after the initial diagnosis. Whether you’re dealing with an acute or chronic illness, medical family therapy Sterling VA residents can count may be a viable option.  

Dr. Hoskins is specially trained to work with couples and families who might be coming to grips with a genetic condition or hereditary cancer. She understands the challenging decisions you could be facing in addition to fears of telling others about your medical condition. Working closely together we will explore inner conflicts and obstacles which might be hindering your ability to enjoy life – together as a family. Whether you’re a spouse, partner, parent, child, or other relative, the therapists in our medical family therapy Sterling VA office may encourage:

  • Deep willful listening of each family member
  • Increased empathy between one another
  • Fine re-balancing of emotional connections
  • A building of mutual trust and respect
  • A family support system you can feel confident in

Health Conditions which May be Conducive for Medical Family Therapy

In medical family therapy, the unit of treatment is based around the family and the person who is experiencing a health issue. Rather than addressing one person at a time, sessions are meant to involve each member, congruently. Individual goals might vary, but the overall objective will be to meet the needs of each family member as discussed with the licensed therapist. With this mindset, the family unit can begin to function better as a whole because each person has come to a better understanding of a health condition and explored ways to cope with the accompanying challenges. The medical family therapy Sterling VA therapists provide may help families confronting issues such as:

  • Cancer
  • Hereditary cancer
  • Hereditary medical issues
  • Fertility problems
  • Terminal illness
  • Chronic illness
  • Disability
  • Mental health issues
  • + more

Benefits of Medical Family Therapy Sterling VA

Every therapy session will last between 50 and 90 minutes. We’ll discuss an assortment of topics and build a customized treatment plan which aims to address each family member’s concerns. Initially the sessions may be conducted on a weekly basis. As you and your loved ones reconcile the medical issue, they could become less frequent. Over the course of treatment, medical family therapy Sterling VA depends upon may be able to help everyone involved to:

  • Gain clear perspective of each person’s feelings
  • Learn how to communicate better
  • Address questions and concerns
  • Uncover strengths and weakness
  • Reconcile or resolve issues

Scheduling an Appointment with Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, LLC

Our Sterling medical family therapy can provide you and your loved ones with a compassionate, knowledgeable physician who listens to you. You’ll be offered expert guidance and the utmost support which will help you to better explore your unique situation. To find out if medical family therapy Sterling VA has to offer could be beneficial, please schedule a consultation by calling 703-951-6409.

Sterling, VA medical family therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the interconnectedness between medical and psychological issues within a family system. It recognizes that health-related challenges not only affect the individual experiencing them but also impact the entire family unit. By addressing both medical and emotional aspects, medical family therapy from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can improve overall well-being and promote healing.

Family Specific Therapy Considerations

In medical family therapy, the therapist considers the unique dynamics of each family and tailors the treatment accordingly. They collaborate with healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to provide comprehensive care. This integrative approach ensures that medical decisions align with the family’s goals and values, leading to more effective treatment outcomes.

Medical Conditions

One major aspect of medical family therapy is the recognition of the emotional impact that medical conditions can have on individuals and their loved ones. Chronic illnesses, acute conditions, or major medical procedures can create stress, anxiety, and grief within the family. The therapist helps family members navigate these emotional challenges, providing support, and facilitating open communication.

Adaptive Coping Strategies

Sterling medical family therapy also emphasizes the importance of family resilience and adaptation in the face of health-related crises. Families are seen as complex systems that can either facilitate or hinder the recovery process. Therapists work with families to identify their strengths and resources, fostering resilience and encouraging adaptive coping strategies. This collaborative approach helps families develop a sense of agency and empowerment in managing their health-related issues.

Medical family therapy also recognizes the role of family dynamics in both the development and maintenance of medical conditions. For example, certain familial patterns, such as enmeshment or disengagement, can impact an individual’s health outcomes. By addressing these underlying relational patterns, therapists aim to improve both the family’s overall functioning and the individual’s well-being.

The Process

The therapy process typically involves assessment, intervention, and evaluation. During the assessment phase, the therapist gathers information about the medical condition, family history, and current dynamics. This comprehensive understanding guides the development of a tailored intervention plan. The therapist then collaborates with the family to implement strategies that promote health, communication, and emotional well-being.


Interventions in medical family therapy may include psychoeducation about the medical condition, enhancing problem-solving skills, fostering emotional expression and support, and improving communication patterns. The therapist may also facilitate the development of a family care plan, which outlines roles and responsibilities regarding medical management and support.

Ongoing Evaluation

Evaluation is an ongoing process in medical family therapy, as it lets the therapist and family monitor progress, make adjustments as needed, and celebrate achievements. Regular check-ins help ensure that the treatment remains responsive to the family’s evolving needs and goals.

Medical family therapy has demonstrated positive outcomes in various medical contexts, including chronic illness management, terminal illness, and recovery from medical procedures. Research has shown that involving families in the treatment process can lead to improved patient adherence, reduced stress, and enhanced family cohesion.
Sterling, VA medical family therapy is a holistic approach that recognizes the interplay between medical and psychological factors within a family system. By addressing both the medical condition and its emotional impact, this therapy from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates promotes healing, resilience, and adaptive coping strategies.