Marriage Counseling Northern VAImportant Signs That Marriage Counseling is Going Well

If you’ve spent some time in the marriage counseling Northern Virginia couples rely on to help save their relationships, you may wonder how you can determine if it’s been a success so far. This is only natural. Of course, you want to see results, but the results may be hard to recognize if you have different expectations. The following goes through some of the important signs that marriage counseling in Northern Virginia is a success for you and your spouse.

Renewed Relationship

One of the largest signs that Northern Virginia marriage counseling is working is that you feel like your marriage is new again. Whether it’s from working to understand each other and know each other on a deeper level or having conflict and repairing it, you and your spouse may feel your relationship is new in some ways. This is a good indicator that counseling has been successful.

Working for the Marriage

The marriage counseling Northern Virginia couples turn to for improving their marriage is not designed just to help you stop fighting. Sometimes marriages seek counseling without any major conflict. Even if you and your spouse started counseling because of the fighting, just ending the arguing may not be enough to save your marriage.

Both of you need to make consistent effort to help your marriage and once you see that this effort is being made without it feeling like work, you’ve likely improved your marriage.

Past Hurt and Damages Stay in the Past

Usually when a couple looks to marriage counseling Northern Virginia residents trust, they have some form of hurt and past damages in their relationship. Therapy is designed to help you deal with those past hurts by becoming aware of them and seeing them for what they really are.

Once you’ve done the work to identify them, you can then work to heal those past hurts in your relationship. By the time you’re able to not feel any resentment or anger around past damages, you can say that marriage counseling was successful for you and your spouse.

Consistently Get Along

The marriage counseling Northern Virginia couples trust may be able to help you and your spouse get along better. The key is to remember that a few days or a couple of weeks of getting long may not be enough to stop counseling.

In order to be able to say counseling is a success, you and your spouse should aim for a solid four to five weeks of getting along together consistently. This indicates that you have reconnected and are able to deal with conflict in a healthy way, which is two of the main goals of counseling.

Marriage counseling can be great for many couples and these are some of the signs that counseling has been successful in your marriage. Remember that consistent action is necessary to create consistent results that builds a strong marriage. If you have any questions about how therapy may be able to help you and your spouse, call for the marriage counseling Northern Virginia residents trust such as Lindsey Haskins and Associates at 703-951-6409 today for a free consultation.

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