Couples Therapy Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling
with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples —
married, dating, or engaged heterosexual or same-sex —
and at any stage of their relationships.
Lindsey Hoskins & Associates

Working through challenges in any relationship may be difficult, but with professional therapeutic help, many couples can help rebuild damaged relationships to be stronger together than ever. Couples who are part of the LGBTQ community may face unique challenges in their relationships. It’s important for them to find a couples counselor who understands their challenges and can help them work through issues that straight couples may not face. An LGBTQ couples therapist, Leesburg, VA, from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, is here to sit beside you and help you work through issues you face in a safe, welcoming environment.

How Can An LGBTQ Couples Therapist Help Me?

Many LGBTQ couples may hesitate to seek professional therapeutic help because they worry that the therapist “doesn’t get it.” When you’re hurting or facing relationship struggles, the last thing you want to do is educate your therapist about the unique issues LGBTQ couples face. Our counselors are trained to approach your concerns from a position of understanding and acceptance. We make you and your partner feel safe and comfortable so that you can talk about your most personal issues without judgment.
A trained LGBTQ couples therapist can help you rebuild a relationship after betrayal or infidelity or get to the root of constant arguing. If you have recently become a parent, we can help you work through your roles and the change in your relationship dynamic. Or, perhaps, you’re contemplating separation or divorce. We can help determine if this is the right step or if you can repair your relationship.

Healing, Love, And Understanding From A Licensed Therapist

Some couples view therapy as a final effort to salvage the relationship, while others view it as an important tool to facilitate communication. The reasons that each couple seeks therapy are personal, although they may want to grow together and work through contentious issues. We also offer individual therapy to complement your couples therapy, which can help you examine your motivations and expectations in a relationship to better communicate with your partner.
Your therapist can help you understand what a healthy relationship looks like and how to set individual boundaries and boundaries for you both as a couple. This can help LGBTQ couples navigate social issues or difficulties with one or both of their extended families. Part of your therapy can include “homework” to do on your own so you’re comfortable articulating your needs and limits and expressing them in a healthy manner.
We meet you and your partner where you are and listen closely to where you want to go. An LGBTQ couples therapist from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help you and your partner identify issues in your relationship you want to work on and gain a better understanding of one another. Grief and loss, your changing roles as partners, healing from infidelity, or exploring compatibility issues before getting married – we offer all of these relationship counseling services and more. Contact us today for a confidential intake appointment and to schedule your first appointment.