Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
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At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we’re proud to provide our local clients with various unique therapy, wedding officiant, and relationship counseling Tysons Corner VA residents are looking for. Reaching out for assistance isn’t always easy when the issue is such a personal matter, and our entire team understands this. It’s important for us to make sure that our local Tysons Corner clients feel comfortable and confident when seeking assistance from us.

You might be interested in contacting Lindsey Hoskins & Associates if…

You are looking for a personal therapist.

Personal therapy can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial things you can do for yourself. Just as it’s important to take care of your physical health, it’s important to look after your psychological and emotional health, too! At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, one of our primary services is providing clients with a therapist Tysons Corner VA residents trust.
There are many ways that an individual therapist can help you examine areas of your life that need improvement — or maybe learn to love the imperfections! There is no single reason why clients search for a therapist Tysons Corner VA has to offer. Our clinicians welcome all prospective patients who are interested in building a more successful and fulfilling life. Some of the most critical issues that can be discussed in individual therapy sessions include:

-Managing mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder
-Assistance when making major life decisions
-Stability and reassurance during major transitions
-Constructive input on how to make positive changes
-Assistance during times of grief
-Assistance in sorting out relationship problems

Your family is going through a tough time, and you are searching for a trusted provider of family counseling Tysons Corner VA residents can rely on.

Families often experience difficulties over the years, and there is no shame in seeking assistance for family or relationship counseling Tysons Corner VA can provide. Counseling sessions that involve several family members can be incredibly effective for relatives who have trouble verbalizing their emotions, intentions, or disagreements. By providing a safe environment to air grievances, a trained family counseling Tysons Corner VA residents trust can help families cope with issues such as:

-Substance abuse
-Physical, verbal, or emotional abuse
-Mental illnesses
-Major changes, such as a child graduating or a parent receiving a new job
-Periods of grief after a loved one has passed

Even when disputes involve young children, a trained family counselor may help the entire family relate to each other and move forward in a positive way. While you certainly can’t choose your family, at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we believe that it is possible to change the way you interact with your family — for the better.

You and your spouse are having a hard time connecting with each other, and you’re seeking marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA has to offer or couples therapy Tysons Corner VA residents recommend.

Even though it’s not discussed openly very often, you might be surprised to find out that many couples are looking for couples therapy Tysons Corner VA can provide. It is very normal for couples to experience problems in their relationships — regardless of whether they’ve been dating for two years or married for 20 years. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we understand how important it is to provide couples counseling Tysons Corner VA residents can trust.

It may also benefit couples who are recently engaged to search for a clinic offering pre-marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA couples depend on. The decision to get married is certainly a big one to make. If you or your spouse are feeling a bit hesitant or nervous about making such a major commitment, there is nothing wrong with seeking guidance from a local therapist who can provide pre marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA trusts. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we provide our clients with guidance based on the PREPARE/ENRICH program developed by Dr. David Olsen. This program offers several strategies and tools that can help couples approach and solve complex issues — before these issues become too deep to repair. Learn about What Is the Difference Between Clinical

Psychologist and a Mental Health Therapist?

You want to plan a unique wedding ceremony Tysons Corner VA has never seen before with a compassionate ceremony officiant Tysons Corner VA can provide.

In addition to providing pre-marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA couples can trust, our team of experienced clinicians can also offer various services to create a custom wedding ceremony Tysons Corner VA couples are looking for. Lindsey Hoskins and Cara Nazareth are both registered as ceremony officiants that Tysons Corner VA couples may hire.

Our office specializes in providing a wide range of services to craft a unique wedding ceremony for couples. We can provide up to two hours of pre-wedding planning and can coordinate rehearsals for the perfect ceremony.

There are many ways to create a custom wedding ceremony that Tysons Corner VA guests will remember for years to come, and our team is excited to help clients plan for such a big day. We can handle the stressful details of the marriage ceremony — right down to submitting the marriage license to the appropriate court — so that you and your guests can focus on the celebrations. Our team is more than happy to schedule free consultations to talk with Lindsey Hoskins or Cara Nazareth about planning an officiant wedding ceremony.

3 Ways to Aid Healing After Trauma

When families or couples experience trauma, there is no right or wrong reaction. Each member of the family will process trauma differently. A therapist in Tysons Corner VA can help you and your family move through the difficult challenges that may arise following a painful event. Keep reading to learn 3 ways you can aid the healing process following a trauma.
Turn Off Judgment
There is no right or wrong way to heal. It is very important that all members of the family remember that each person will process the trauma differently. Some people want to talk about the events while others want to process them quietly. Some members may be very angry while others are simply sad. One of the best ways for families to better understand each other and support each other during the healing process is to talk with a knowledgeable therapist in Tysons Corner VA. A professional will be able to help each member of the family process their trauma in the way that is best for them.
Be Gentle With Time And Obligations
Although you and your family may feel pressure to jump right back into regular life following a trauma, it is very important to remember that your mind and even your body needs time to process. Depending on the severity of the event, your family may need a break from time-consuming or energy-consuming obligations for a while. This may look like taking time off work or allowing your children to take a break from school. You can talk with a therapist in Tysons Corner VA about how much time and in what ways your family may need to be gentle with time and responsibilities.
Be Patient
There is no set timeline for healing from trauma. Some experiences may require less time than others, but only you and your family will know. If you incorporate therapy into your healing process, the therapist will be able to help you gauge how you are healing and how your family is recovering from the experience they have been through. Even if you and your family are not healing as quickly as you thought, continue to be patient. Slow healing is okay. The important thing is that everyone comes out on the other side of this experience happy and healthy. How long that takes is irrelevant.
A therapist in Tysons Corner VA can help you and your family through this difficult time.
therapist Tysons in Corner VA.

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Our office is proud to provide a wide range of valuable and unique services to local residents. If you are interested in hearing more about any of these services, we encourage you to call our local office. Whether you and your spouse require couples therapy or if you’re beginning to plan out an officiant wedding ceremony, Lindsey Hoskins & Associates is ready to help you on your next journey.

Tysons Corner VA Therapist FAQ: How can I address and stop distress in a relationship?
So you swore to yourself you would fall back into the same argument patterns, albeit cycle, with your spouse only to find yourself down the exact path you confidently thought you would not tread on ever again. This is a common scenario among couples and is one of the leading reasons people choose to seek help with a therapist in Tysons Corner, VA. Couples counseling may be the right solution if you are tired of fighting and arguing with the very person you thought you would grow old with. To learn more, please call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

Tips to Reduce Distress During a Fight in a Relationship

During a fight, many things said in anger might not be true. Even if you might feel this way at the time of the argument, it does not mean you feel that way after. If you find yourself in an argument, try to consider the following:

Try to use “I” more than “you.” By doing so, you can avoid placing blame on the other person.
Accentuate positive things rather than negative. For instance, rather than saying, “You didn’t help me clean the house even though you know how hard I am working,” you might say, “I would appreciate it if you would help me clean up the house.”
Avoid using the words “never” and “always.” It’s very tempting to use these strong words, but rarely are they true.
Avoid condemnation, criticizing, going silent, or becoming defensive.

A majority of relationships will go through periods that are considerably more tempered than others. Make an effort to maintain your relationship by being invested and putting in the work – especially during vulnerable times.

Further Tips to Cease Your Distress In A Relationship
At couples counseling sessions, your therapist in Tysons Corner, VA, may provide you with a broad range of tools and techniques that you can use at home. Some of these may assist in alleviating relationship distress and could include:

Avoid Condemning the Person

Rather than condemning or criticizing your partner, try to talk about how you feel when a hurtful act is done.

Remain Compassionate for One Another

Create a nurturing environment that promotes caring and compassion. Small acts of kindness and tokens of appreciation will go a long way.

Make an Effort to Listen

Listening is vital to a healthy relationship. Regardless of what the situation might be, listen with attentiveness and interest. Not only will this let your partner know that you are interested, but it may also lead to new curiosities, questions, and good conversation.

Accept Rather than Blame

Blaming will never lead to a long-term resolution. Rather than finding your partner’s mistakes, try to accept them, learn from them, and move forward with grace.

Put Acknowledgment in Positive Things

Try as you might to see the negative things in your spouse; it is more conducive to a healthy relationship to focus on the positive things instead.

Hold Back Your Reactions

If you find yourself in a fight, make an effort not to react without thinking. Instead, constructively put your words together and express them in a calm, compassionate way. This can help to ease the tension, reflect on the situation, and encourage healthy dialogue.

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Are you interested in learning how a therapist Tysons Corner VA families recommend can work with you and your spouse? Call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today.

What to Look for in a Therapist

If you’re thinking about seeing a therapist in Tysons Corner, VA, you might not know where to begin. There are a lot of different therapists, so choosing the right one can be tricky. Here are several qualities you should look for in a therapist.

Empathetic: If you seek therapy, you are likely struggling with your mental health in some way. Whether you’re dealing with grief or anger, it is crucial to work with a therapist who can put themselves in your shoes. Your therapist should make an effort to understand what you’re going through truly. This can strengthen your bond with your strength and help you feel more comfortable.
Communicative: A therapist should also possess excellent communication skills. They should be able to listen attentively to everything you have to say and clearly explain their thoughts to you.

Problem Solving Skills: A therapist may not be able to solve a patient’s problems automatically. However, a therapist should have problem-solving skills to effectively help patients identify the issues in their lives and work towards fixing them.

Reliable: It is also vital for a therapist to be reliable. When you’re struggling with your mental health, you count on your therapist to be there for you. They must always be on time for your sessions. If your therapist has to cancel an appointment, they should let you know well in advance.

Honest: While a therapist in Tysons Corner, VA, should understand your problems, they shouldn’t be afraid, to be honest. Your therapist needs to be truthful with you. If they sugarcoat everything and tell you what you want to hear, you won’t improve yourself.

Tolerant: During your counseling sessions, you may tell your therapist your deep and darkest secrets. These may be things that you haven’t told your closest friends or family members. That’s why a therapist must be tolerant. Even if what you tell your therapist goes against their beliefs, they shouldn’t pass judgment.

Patient: It may take you a while to truly open up to your therapist in Tysons Corner, VA. You may also have periods of regression. For this reason, a therapist should be patient.

Empowerment in the Face of Change

It is a common misconception that seeking therapy is only for people with mental health issues. In actuality, therapy is for everyone and can serve as an empowering resource for managing stress and conflict before, during, and after common life changes. Here are some examples of situations when a therapist in Tysons Corner, VA can offer you support.
Adoptive and Blended Families
Whether you and your partner are adopting your first child or bringing together children from previous relationships, changes to the family dynamic can disrupt effective routines and trigger identity confusion resulting in questions like:
“Is my role as a husband as important as my role as a father figure?”
“I’m not the oldest child anymore, will my younger siblings still look up to me?”
“Will my adopted child ever see me as her real mom?”
The therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates are skilled in helping children and adults process these questions and work through any uncomfortable feelings that may arise when the family structure changes.
In some cases, a caregiver will assume the role after plenty of preparation, such as when an elderly parent begins to require assistance with transportation or medication. But in cases where a loved one is injured or ill, the caregiver may be thrust into the role unexpectedly and may not be prepared for the upheaval that comes along with it. No matter how you became a caregiver, the responsibility can feel as overwhelming as it is rewarding. Caregivers often experience feelings of isolation, helplessness, and guilt, which can lead to burnout. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup — call a therapist in Tysons Corner, VA if you need emotional support while managing your caregiving duties.
Employment Changes
Getting a new job or embarking on a career change is exciting but can trigger uncertainty as you adjust to new duties and expectations and a new workplace culture. If the new job required moving from a different region or country, assimilating to your new surroundings might be even more difficult. A therapist in Tysons Corner, VA can help you retain a sense of balance and stability as you get acclimated with your new environment, hours, colleagues, and career identity.

Life changes that bring uncertainty can also usher in adventure and joy. Talking to a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help you develop emotional intelligence and empower you to make the most of new opportunities.

5 Questions To Ask Your Prospective Therapist

When seeking out a new therapist in Tysons Corner, VA, there are several questions you should ask to make sure that he or she is a good match for your needs.
1. How would we evaluate my progress?
You and your therapist should work together to set objectives for your time in therapy. As you work with your therapist, these objectives can guide your sessions and help determine the success of your treatment. The results of your therapy should be measured so that you are aware of how it is working and how it can be adjusted if needed.
2. What is your training and experience in this field?
You need to have trust in your therapist’s ability to respond appropriately to your individual needs. Asking about his or her licenses and certifications can help you determine if your therapist has the experience required to assist you with your mental health. It’s also a good idea to ask about how long your therapist has worked in the field and the types of clients that he or she has worked with before.
3. What types of treatment do you offer?
There are many different types of therapy that a therapist in Tysons Corner, VA can offer. Some of these include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and humanistic therapy. Your therapist can help you to understand these different approaches and determine which may be a good option for you to pursue. The therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offer a variety of unique therapy and counseling options.
4. What would a normal session be like?
Having an idea of what you are walking into before your first session can help to reduce any discomfort or anxiety that you may be feeling when you start therapy. It can also prepare you to make the most of your sessions together.
5. How much does your therapy treatment cost?
If you are already struggling with your mental health, you don’t want to add more stress regarding the cost of therapy. You should ask your therapist to explain the cost of treatment and insurance options. Getting these practical details out of the way can clear your mind to work through your mental health issues.
At the end of the day, your therapist in Tysons Corner, VA should be someone that you trust and feel comfortable enough with to share personal details about your life. The trained therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates welcome you if you are looking for an understanding treatment approach focused on helping you achieve a better quality of life.

Tysons Corner Therapy Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 42 million adults in the United States received treatment or counseling for their mental health within the past year. These treatments include inpatient or outpatient treatment or counseling, or the use of prescription medication.

FAQ: Answering Your Common Questions About Couples Therapy

Seeking a Tysons Corner, VA therapist for couples therapy is a difficult decision for many to make. Couples therapy takes serious commitment on all involved parties, and it will be vital that you ensure treatment from a clinician that you can trust. Couples therapy is an important decision, one that can have a profound impact on how you and your partner move forward. With help from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we can assist with your therapeutic needs and answer the many questions you have about what our services may look like.

What are some reasons my partner and I might consider couples therapy?

There are several reasons couples seek therapy together. It’s common knowledge that many couples wait a significant period to take action. However, there are many reasons that you might not want to wait, including:

-To improve intimacy
-To learn how to resolve conflict healthily
-You have experienced issues of infidelity
-You are planning to get married and want to build a strong foundation
-You are going through significant life changes

What can I expect of a couples therapy session?

When first stepping into therapy with your partner, it’s only natural to feel apprehensive over what you can expect from treatment. At your first couples therapy session, you can expect to spend time with our Tysons Corner, Virginia therapist meeting as a couple so that they can gain an understanding of why you seek therapy and your relationship dynamics. Expect that at times you may spend time one on one with a therapist as well. In addition, your therapist will also take time to discuss your goals both individually and as a couple with you so that you can begin building a treatment plan focused on your needs.

How long will my partner and myself be in therapy?

A typical therapy session will last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. When it comes to determining how many sessions therapy will require, this will largely depend upon the type of therapy. Most commitments for couples therapy are anywhere from 12-16 sessions.

How can I ensure that our therapist won’t take sides?

It’s a common concern of couples that a therapist will side with the other person. However, it’s essential to know that with a good therapist, they should never take sides. You should receive treatment that is both unbiased and supported.

Will my partner and I ever have 1:1 sessions with a therapist?

Yes- in most cases, you can expect to spend individual time with your couples therapist. At times it may make sense for this to ensure the growth of your relationship.

If my partner and I have a challenging session, should we speak about it at home?

Sometimes, couples may experience challenging sessions, and it may be challenging to figure out how to walk out of the session and continue moving forward. While you may discuss therapy at home, you must apply what you have learned in therapy.

Stepping into couples therapy can feel like a huge step. That’s because it is. By choosing therapy to rebuild and repair your relationship, you are taking a step in the right direction. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offers experienced clinicians for couples who need to have their problems addressed and treated when they need it the most. Don’t wait any longer to start repairing your relationship. Call our Tysons Corner, VA therapist, to learn more about how we can help.