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How to Get the Most Out of Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling Mclean VAIf you and your significant other are having issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call it quits. You have the options of speaking to a couples therapist and working through your problems. However, marriage counseling may not always be easy and it’s important to understand that. You get what you put into it.  Below, the counselors at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates share some advice on how to get the most out of marriage counseling.

Agree on a Goal

Before you and your significant other go to your first marriage session, determine what the two of you want to get out of marriage counseling. For example, you may want to learn how to communicate without arguing or how to improve your sex life. If both of you have an agreed upon goal, you will be more likely to commit to your therapy sessions.

Expect to Be Uncomfortable

To move forward and improve your relationship, you may have to experience some uncomfortable moments. You will have to talk about personal issues with someone you don’t know and might hear things that are hurtful. For example, your Mclean VA therapist may ask you and your partner to reveal what the two of you don’t like about one another. Your significant other might reveal something that you never know he or she disliked about you, which can hurt. No matter how uncomfortable therapy may be at times, it is important to keep attending your sessions and work on improving your relationship.

Make Your Counseling Sessions a Priority

If you truly want to improve your relationship, you will have to make marriage counseling a top priority. Attend all of your scheduled sessions and don’t cancel unless it is absolutely necessary. There will be times when you don’t want to go to a counseling session, but you have to push yourself.

Be Willing to Work on Yourself

Even if the two of you are attending counseling over something your partner did, like having an affair, you still should make the effort to work on yourself. Think long and hard about any positive changes you can make and work hard to achieve them. For example, if you tend to dismiss your partner’s feelings, work on being more sensitive and listening to his or her needs.

Don’t Expect Immediate Success

Don’t go into therapy expecting to solve all of your relationship issues in one or two sessions. It does not work that way. Depending on the severity of you and your partner’s problems, it could take months to resolve everything. It is important to be patient and keep your eyes on your goals.

If you follow these tips, you are more likely to have success with marriage counseling Mclean VA families recommend. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we have helped many couples work through their issues and want to assist you and your partner. We aim to provide a relaxing and safe environment for all our clients so that they feel comfortable discussing their issues with us.

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