Couples Therapy Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling
with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples —
married, dating, or engaged heterosexual or same-sex —
and at any stage of their relationships.
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Relationship Counseling McLean VA

A Couples Therapist To Get You Through

Relationship Counseling Mclean VA

A Couples Therapist To Get You Through Relationship counseling McLean VA couples recommend is a type of therapy that helps couples in intimate relationships. This type of therapy can help couples seeking to improve their relationship or even for couples who are considering breaking up. If you live in Virginia and have issues in your relationship, consider relationship counseling from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

The goal of relationship counseling is to help the couple learn more about each other, learn how to communicate effectively, and learn healthy issue-solving skills. Your first session will likely be with both partners, but at some point, the therapist may also want to meet with each partner separately. This gives the therapist better insight into each partner’s goals and develops a plan to help the couple reach those goals. Additionally, meeting with each partner individually will help the therapist understand how motivated each partner is in improving the relationship.

Who Can Benefit from Relationship Counseling?

The truth is that even couples who get along fine can even benefit from relationship counseling in Mclean, VA. However, much of the time, couples who seek out counseling often have issues they want to resolve. Counseling can also help engaged couples learn more about each other and start their marriage off on a more solid footing. And even couples who are ending their relationship can learn the skills to end things amicably through counseling.

Some of the more common issues that bring couples to relationship counseling include:

*Anger issues
*Communication issues
*Financial issues
*Frequent conflicts
*Intimacy issues
*Major illness of one partner
*Major life changes or events
*Parenting conflicts
*Power struggles
*Substance abuse issues

When a couple first realizes they are having any one of these issues, it is best to seek counseling right away. Unfortunately, many do not, and the problems become more profound and more frequent and tend to branch into other areas of the couple’s relationship, and one issue becomes many. For example, a couple who is having problems over finances and argues a lot about money find that conflict and anger affect their sex life. It is hard to be intimate with your partner if you are angry with them.

Anger about one issue creeps into all aspects of the marriage, and the couple is ready to call it quits. Statistically, data shows that most couples who begin having problems do not seek help for about six years. During those six years, couples can do a lot of damage to one another.
This is why it is critical to your relationship to seek relationship counseling when you see that you and your partner cannot resolve the conflict.
Encountering troubles in your romantic relationship can feel daunting and devastating. When emotions are running high and you are unsure how to proceed, seeking relationship counseling from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates may help. We can be there for you and your partner and help you get through a rough patch and obtain the clarity you are yearning for. We have proudly served couples in our community since starting our counseling services and strive to make every pair feel comfortable and confident in our therapy sessions.

Communication is key to a thriving relationship. You and/or your partner may have begun to shut down, making communication difficult emotionally. There may be a specific problem you do not know how to work through or a feeling of distance without a pinpointed issue. No matter what you may be struggling with, relationship counseling may help uncover some hidden problems you were unaware of before.

How Relationship Counseling Can Help You
Awareness is vital to get through road bumps in your relationship. You may feel frustrated by how you or your partner talk to or respond to each other regularly. If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it may be time to seek a qualified and kind therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates:

Is your relationship struggling due to a recent betrayal, loss, and/or infidelity?
Have you felt as though you and your partner have started to distance from each other over the course of time slowly?
Have you recently endured an enormous life transition such as moving, changing your career, raising kids, or losing a loved one?
Do you wish you could ignite that sense of passion you once felt?
Do you worry your relationship dynamic may never change?
Are you distracted at work or losing sleep worrying about your relationship problems?

Sustaining healthy relationships makes us feel happy and satisfied. When we can connect, we feel joy and more at peace. Scheduling relationship counseling may make all the difference for you and your partner.

We firmly believe that there is always a chance to renew your relationship bond with your partner. With the assistance and support of an unbiased party during relationship counseling, we can help you regain the love you felt once before. Also, we can work to have you both rebuild your trust, sense of security, and communication with one another.

Feeling alone while in a relationship can be straining and emotional. You may be living a busy life and wish you could spend more quality time with your partner. We can offer you a safe environment to talk about what is most important to you.

Make an Appointment for Mclean Relationship Counseling Today

Call us today to speak with a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates so that we can learn more about your relationship needs. We can schedule an appointment to come in with your partner and focus on the most significant issues. Each session may begin with each of you describing the goals you want from the appointment, so you can start moving forward into a healthier place. To make an appointment for relationship counseling in Mclean VA, call our office today.

Communicating in Counseling to Make Critical Life Decisions
Relationship counseling McLean, VA couples rely on may be the right step to take for couples who find that they are not in agreement with one another. There’s a vast number of reasons couples seek counseling. While some may enter therapy to repair or improve the relationship, others may consider this to make critical life decisions. Discussing the relationship in a safe therapeutic space can help couples to talk about challenging matters. For some, this conversation may be centered around ending the relationship or filing for divorce. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has available clinicians that can provide a space for them to discuss the relationship and make some of life’s most important decisions. With the proper support, it’s possible to talk about challenging issues in a supportive and productive way.

Ending a Relationship
It’s essential to be clear that not all couples enter into therapy to resolve that they will be ending their marriage or relationship. Typically couples genuinely want to make it work. Know that divorce is common, and sometimes, two people may find that they cannot remain in the relationship any longer. Relationships take a considerable amount of work, and sometimes couples may choose to end the relationship and go their separate ways. While you and your partner may have entered into couples therapy intending to work things out, it’s not unheard of for people to decide in treatment they would like to end the relationship. During this delicate time, having an experienced clinician to support the relationship counseling for McLean, Virginia couples will be critical.

Other Decisions Will Need to Be Made
When two people have shared their lives for several years, there will still be tough decisions to make to move forward. These decisions can make the most amicable of separations challenging.
It’s possible to use therapy to make some of these agreements and decisions together in a way that you can both feel heard and supported. You both will be faced with tough choices, including:

*The division of assets
*Determining what will happen with the family home
*Who will have custody of the children
*Whether one spouse requires assistance with alimony
*What child support payments will look like

These decisions can result in heated conversations. While in some cases, you may require a lawyer to help solidify some of these agreements, a therapist may be able to help you both meet in the middle. Therapists can play an essential role in assisting couples during what may be one of the most challenging times of their life. Our clinicians can provide support and assist with helping both of you to move forward.

Support for Divorce
When ending a marriage or relationship, couples will be left to contend with what may feel like a rollercoaster of emotions. While it may have been someone’s decision to end a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to walk away feeling completely repaired. There is often grief, pain, and loss associated with the end of a relationship, and accessing the support of a therapist can be critical. A therapist can help someone enduring divorce to process how they feel and assist with coping techniques that may help during such a difficult time.

So many emotions can surface when couples choose to end their relationship. You may have started therapy with Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to help bring the two of you together. Sometimes, during the process, you and your partner may choose to end the relationship. While this may be surprising for both of you, know that therapy can help couples make such vital decisions. For couples requiring support in working through relational challenges, consider taking action by pursuing relationship counseling in McLean, Virginia.