Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
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Taking time for marriage counseling Northern Virginia couples can truly benefit from is more than about fixing Marriage Counseling Northern Virginiadifficulties and problems. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about your relationship and your spouse. It can allow you to develop a deeper level of trust of one another. This in turn can ease the process of tackling obstacles together as a team, whether those challenges have to do with communication, intimacy, or other issues you are facing.

Lindsey M. Hoskins & Associates is a couple and family therapy practice committed to helping you make positive changes in the most important part of your life: your family. Our clinicians are specifically trained to meet your relationship needs, and help you start fresh with the people that you love. Whatever you and your spouse are facing, know that there is hope: talk with us at Lindsey M. Hoskins & Associates today to learn more about Virginia marriage counseling that can make a real difference in your life.

How Marriage Counseling Can Help

You are probably well aware of the surface-level problems in your marriage, but do you know the underlying issues that cause them? Marriage counseling is one method for sorting out such issues, as well as helping you and your spouse come up with solutions for addressing them. When looking for marriage counseling Northern Virginia families recommend, it’s important to ask the therapist or clinician about some of the strategies they use when working with couples.

How else can marriage counseling help you and your spouse?

1. Marriage counseling can help identify patterns. In most marriages, couples face difficulties because each person has their own negative patterns of which they may or may not be aware. Oftentimes, these patterns can lead to an impasse of sorts between both spouses. A therapist can help break the cycle of poor communication and confusion by helping you and your spouse take a step back. Your therapist can offer an objective perspective that removes the shroud from the conflicts. A therapist who provides marriage counseling Northern Virginia couples trust might also help by pointing out the strengths and positives of your relationship, and work off of those to improve your marriage.

2. Marriage counseling points out the underlying causes of issues. Once you, your spouse, and your therapist have identified the negative patterns in your marriage, you can tackle their source or cause. Knowing the root causes of these patterns–for instance, if they began in your childhood–can be extremely helpful when changing your interactions with your spouse. It can also increase empathy and improve communication between spouses.

3. Marriage counseling can strengthen the intimacy of your marriage. When your therapist kickstarts the important changes and new habits that you decide to make as a couple, the health of your relationship can improve. Starting to understanding each others’ communication styles, and interacting in ways that work for each of you, can result. Your therapist can also provide you and your spouse with tools to continue building your relationship for the long term.

These stages of therapy are just part of what make Lindsey M. Hoskins & Associates one of the top practices for marriage counseling Northern Virginia locals choose.

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