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Relationship Counseling Great Falls Clients Recommend
Relationship Counseling Great Falls VA

Relationship Counseling Great Falls VA


The prospect of attending relationship counseling in Great Falls, Virginia can be intimidating. Few people take immediate comfort in the idea of making themselves vulnerable in front of a medical professional. It is important to understand that, like most truly healthy habits, it may take time to see just how beneficial this process can be. Once the benefits of couples therapy are made clear, however, it becomes relatively easy to see why so many romantic partnerships are positively impacted by the experience.


This is not to say that every couples therapy “track” results in a healed, happy and whole romantic relationship. Sometimes, the result of Great Falls VA relationship counseling is the realization that the members of a romantic partnership may be able to live healthier lives apart. But no matter what, if a couple is truly invested in the process and the counselor they have chosen is experienced, professional, engaged and focused on progress, the participants will receive (at absolute minimum) more clarity about the kind of relationship they are currently a part of.


What You Should Know About Relationship Counseling


According to widely referenced research, couples struggling with unhappiness and other significant relationship challenges, wait an average of six years before trying relationship counseling in Great Falls VA. There are few other significant challenges in life that anyone would wait for six years or more to address in such a concrete way.


Sometimes, the need for relationship counseling arises after a singular event has altered the dynamic in a relationship, such as the death of a child, a natural disaster or a sudden, life-altering diagnosis. But most of the time, the need for relationship counseling arises simply because hurts, confusion, frustration, and other potentially negative forces build up over time. Relationship counseling in Great Falls VA can help romantic partners address their historic and current vulnerabilities through a progressively focused strategic approach.


Many Americans are influenced by a misconception that the process of relationship counseling will make them intensely uncomfortable at all times. While it is true that working through one’s issues can cause discomfort, an experienced therapist will work to ensure that the process of grappling with discomfort is gradual enough and/or supported enough that it is both manageable and productive. Whether you and your romantic partner need to work through a solitary contentious issue or need to work through some long-standing challenges, Great Falls VA relationship counseling can serve as an important resource in achieving your aims.


Answers to Your Questions About Great Falls VA Relationship Counseling Are Available


If you have questions about the process of couples therapy or have any concerns about beginning this process, please consider connecting with a qualified relationship counseling. Consulting with a therapist does not commit you to any specific course of couples therapy. It is okay to ask questions even if you determine that this process is not the best fit for your relationship needs right now. However, asking questions will better ensure that you are able to make an informed decision about whether to embrace this relationship tool or not. And informed choices are the foundation of healthy relationships.


Relationship Counseling Great Falls Clients Recommend


No matter how strong your relationship may be, you might find yourself wondering if you and your partner should go to relationship counseling. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we’re proud to be a trusted place in Great Falls VA where families and individuals can feel comfortable and supported. We know that relationships aren’t perfect, and also that imperfect relationships can still be worth saving. Rather than encouraging our clients to strive for perfection, we work with couples to develop the tools they need to overcome hurdles in their relationships.


Coming to terms with the fact that you and your spouse are experiencing problems in your relationship can be a hard pill to swallow. If you and your partner can’t seem to come together on a number of issues in your life together, it may be time to contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. You are in the right hands by choosing Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to provide therapeutic space for you and your partner to begin discussing the issues in your relationship.


Will Our Relationship Make It?


Conflict in a relationship is a normal issue that almost every couple must contend with. Despite this, building a healthy relationship will take work. Unfortunately, some couples may make the decision to part ways depending on their particular situation. There is no crystal ball to foresee what will happen in your relationship and whether or not you and your partner will weather the storm together. Here are some signs that you may be in a healthy relationship:

  • You are kind to each other. This can be an extremely important component of a strong relationship.
  • You are supportive of one another in whatever you choose to pursue or do.
  • You communicate well with each other.
  • You value the connections your partner has to other people in their life, such as family and friends.
  • You trust each other.
  • You make decisions as a couple
  • You are intimate with one another

These are just a few examples of strong, committed and healthy relationships. Relationship counseling helps you build some of these relationship strengths back into your marriage.


What to Expect from Relationship Counseling

If you have never been to therapy before, you may have a number of questions when it comes to what you should expect from the process. You may be wondering what therapy will be like with your partner and whether or not you will be able to discuss the intimate details of your marriage. Your Great Falls therapist will help to make you both feel as comfortable as possible.


Relationship counseling will not mean hashing out all of the issues in your marriage at once. A good therapist in Great Falls will also help you both to see the positives in your relationship as well. You can expect a couples therapist to:

  • Work with the both of you in strengthening and rebuilding your relationship by resolving some of the conflict you have.
  • In most cases, both parties will be in the room for the session.
  • Your therapist will provide a neutral space for your session to help you both feel as comfortable as possible.
  • A therapist will work with you to stop playing the blame game with one another and begin understanding your conflicts and the reason behind them.
  • A good therapist will give you homework to do outside of your session. It is crucial that you do this. Repairing your relationship goes beyond therapy, you will need to take what you have learned and implement it into your daily lives.

Relationship counseling Great Falls couples trust can help you and your partner find your way back to one another by healing the wounds of your relationship. It can be challenging to maintain a relationship; it takes constant work on both your parts. By calling Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, you and your partner can be on the road to living more peacefully together. We look forward to hearing from you.


What to Expect in Relationship Counseling


When you go to your first session, your counselor will likely want to learn more about your relationship with your partner, as well as details about you and your partner as individuals. You’ll likely be asked for a general overview of your history with your partner, how long you have been together, and what the relationship has been like. You might also be invited to talk about your experiences as a child, experiences in past relationships, and current relationships with friends and family.


Most importantly, your Great Falls VA counselor will want to know why you’re seeking relationship counseling and what you hope to get out of your sessions. Many couples come to relationship counseling because they have encountered a big problem, such as infidelity or the loss of a loved one, or because they cannot argue in a respectful and constructive way. This might include financial problems, parenting arguments, communication issues and lack of intimacy. Many other couples go to relationship counseling in Great Falls VA simply because they want to maintain a strong relationship. Whatever your motivations and goals may be, it’s important to communicate this with your partner and with your counselor.

Approaches in Relationship Counseling


Approaches can differ depending on your unique needs and on the therapist you choose. For example, some couples want to focus less on communication skills and more on creating a secure connection between partners. Others want to know how to argue constructively. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we have a team of counselors with different qualifications and focus areas. We want to help you pick a counselor in Great Falls VA who will address your needs in the most effective way.


Addressing Additional Concerns


Additionally, Lindsey Hoskins & Associates also offers family counseling and individual counseling, and we encourage you to learn more about these services. Individual sessions may help you address personal matters without requiring significant involvement of your partner, and family sessions allow for multiple family members to talk about their concerns in a supportive and safe place. Both of these therapy approaches can be used to supplement relationship counseling.


Can You Benefit from Relationship Counseling?

While being in a romantic relationship with someone you love can bring a lot of joy, it can also present challenges at times. The truth of the matter is that relationships require work and maintenance from time to time to keep them on track. Relationship counseling in Great Falls VA through Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has worked for many people and it might help save your relationship.

Here are several signs that you and your partner might benefit from relationship counseling:

1. You Argue Constantly

It is normal to disagree from time to time. However, if you find yourself in highly emotional arguments with your partner on a regular basis, there could be a bigger issue. Arguing all the time, especially when it feels as if there is no resolution, can be exhausting. Relationship counseling in Great Falls VA might help the two of you determine why you are arguing so much and how to break through those disagreements.

2. You Have Little to No Sex

Couples who have been together for a long time might not have as much sex as they did in the beginning of the relationship. That is perfectly okay. However, if you and your partner go months without being physically intimate, something may be wrong. Physical intimacy is an important component of every romantic relationship. Without it, you may feel lonely and undesirable. If you attend relationship counseling in Great Falls VA, a counselor from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help you determine the underlying reasons for the lack of intimacy and how you might improve your sex life.

3. You and/or Your Partner Had an Affair

People in relationships may have affairs for a number of reasons. Maybe they are not attracted to their partner anymore, or perhaps they do not feel emotionally connected to their partner. No matter the reason for why it happened, an affair can devastate a relationship. The partner who was cheated on may feel betrayed, angry, and resentful. If you or your partner had an affair, relationship counseling in Great Falls VA might begin the healing process.

4. You’re Keeping Secrets from One Another

In order for a relationship to be healthy, it is important to be honest with one other. If you are keeping secrets, it may be a sign that something is wrong in the relationship. There’s a reason you feel like you can’t tell your partner certain things and relationship counseling in Great Falls VA can help you figure it out and share more openly.

5. You or Your Partner Has an Addiction

Whether it involves alcohol, gambling, or something else, an addiction can wreak havoc on a relationship. When one partner has an addiction, the other partner may feel like the addiction is more important than him or her. If you or your partner suffers from addiction, relationship counseling in Great Falls VA can help you find ways to treat it.

Learn More About the Benefits of Relationship Counseling Great Falls VA Offers

There is no shame in seeking couples counseling. It may be able to save your relationship and make the two of you stronger together as well as independently. To learn more about effective relationship counseling in Great Falls VA, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates as soon as possible.

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If you’re thinking about going to relationship counseling Great Falls VA couples would recommend, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today. One of our counselors can arrange an initial consultation session with you and your partner at a time that suits you best. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we may be able to help you reach a more loving relationship.

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