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Four Ideas for Making the Most of Your Aging Loved One’s Holiday

There’s something magical about the holidays. There’s the joy of giving, the warmth of goodwill, and the happiness of being surrounded by loved ones. Everyone deserves to take part in the joy of the holidays, especially those seniors entering into their golden years.

If you are caretaking for an aging loved one, here are four simple ways to make this holiday feel especially merry and bright!

1. Host a fireside chat

For seniors, there is nothing cozier than a cold night spent around a warm hearth. Caregivers can invite loved ones to come over and spend time with Grandma, while enjoying the cozy indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Keep in mind that spending time by the fireplace is not solely reserved for those in colder weather. With the power of technology, a fireplace can be quite literally anywhere! Even if you are a home health aide, you can create a hearth using a screen, the internet, and pre-recorded footage!

2. Take part in traditions

When it comes to the holidays and winter months, tradition truly trumps all. The joy of tradition is twofold: you can simultaneously relive happy memories while creating new ones! Thus, through partaking in holiday and winter traditions, seniors can feel reconnected with fond memories while bolstering happy associations.

Ask the aging loved one what some of their favorite holiday traditions are. Maybe they enjoy decorating the tree, baking a family recipe, or going through holiday decorations.

3. Wrap holiday presents

There is something particularly therapeutic about wrapping holiday presents. The crinkling of wrapping paper and repetitive movements coalesce into a meditative activity. For aging individuals, this holiday activity is especially senior friendly.

Wrapping presents is gentle on those with older joints, as it does not require full mobility. It requires coordinated movements, which is a great practice for those working on their motor control. Even more so, this crafting activity allows seniors to showcase their creativity and style!

4. Have a video call holiday party

If you are caregiving for someone that cannot gather with loved ones in person, why not allow them to gather online? Through a free video messaging system, a senior can easily be transported into any family member or friend’s home.

If your aging loved one is technologically adverse, it always helps to enlist some help.