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What Can You Expect in Couples Counseling? couples counseling DC

Couples counseling can help couples work through everything from infidelity to communication problems. However, the idea of talking about your relationship woes with a stranger is nerve-wracking for most people. If your initial therapy session with a couples counselor from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, LLC is coming up soon, you may feel anxious and unsure of what to expect.

Here are a few things you can expect from your initial counseling session:

A DC Couples Counselor Will Start Out with Basic Questions

At the beginning of your initial session, a couples counselor will likely ask you some pretty basic questions, like how long you and your partner have been together, why you have sought counseling and how long you’ve been having these problems. It may be a good idea to prepare your answers ahead of time. Although these questions seem pretty simple, you may still stumble on the answers if you don’t prepare properly.

A Couples Counselor May Want to Speak to Each Person Separately

After a couples counselor has spent some time talking to you and your partner together, he or she may ask to speak to each of you alone. The counselor may ask you questions, like what aspects of your relationship you’re unhappy with and what aspects you are happy with.

A Couples Counselor Will Take Notes

During your couples counseling sessions, you will see your counselor take down a lot of notes. Don’t let this alarm you. The counselor is taking these notes so that he or she remembers everything you and your partner have said. After the session is over, your counselor will spend some time going over the notes to decide on the appropriate treatment.

A Couples Counselor Will Ask You About Your Thoughts and Feelings

A couples counselor won’t do all the talking during your sessions. He or she will frequently ask you to share your thoughts and feelings about various subjects. For example, if your partner was unfaithful, your counselor may ask you how you immediately felt when you found out. If you are shy about communicating, your counselor will take steps to help you open up. However, you have to be willing to put in the effort.

A Couples Counselor May Give You Homework

At the end of some of your counseling sessions, your counselor may give you and your partner various activities to do at home. While these tasks may seem tedious at first, it’s important to take them seriously. They are designed to help you and your partner work through your issues and improve the effectiveness of your sessions.

While couples counseling may feel a little uncomfortable at first, it’s well worth it. If you believe your relationship is worth saving, attending couples counseling sessions can help you work through your troubles.

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, LLC, we have counseled couples from all different forms of life. We have the knowledge and tools to help you and your partner work through your issues and become happy again. Call our office today to learn more about couples counseling DC patients recommend.