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Do You Need to Attend Couples Counseling Before Your Wedding Day?So, you got engaged. And perhaps you and your other half are now making plans for the big wedding day. You may be wondering if going to for marriage counseling northern VA trusts before sealing the deal may be a good idea. Some couples may have lingering issues they want to truly put behind them before venturing into the next phase of their relationship. One of both of you may be a bit apprehensive about a therapy session, either due to never having seen a counselor before or out of fear of discussing a painful topic. However, it may end up being a great way to start a clean slate before beginning your marriage.

Here in the article below, we at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates have provide information about couples counseling to help you decide whether you and your fiance want to book a session or two before the wedding celebration.

What should I expect from the first couples counseling session?

The first session with a counselor is likely to just be an introduction. Your counselor may ask you why you are both here, and what you are hoping to get out of therapy sessions. Your counselor is likely to try to get to know you each better as individuals, and your dynamic within the relationship. A couple that walks away from the initial session should not feel dismayed if no progress has been made yet. It may take multiple meetings of marriage counseling in northern VA before any true results can be observed. Deeper issues may require more sessions, compared to smaller and more trivial disputes.

What if there are past hurts I didn’t realize my other half still carried around?

It can be hard to hear that your other half has been carrying around painful emotions about something that happened recently, or from far in the past. Even when issues appear to have been worked through, one or both parties may still have residual feelings that have not entirely healed. This may be especially true for incidents of infidelity or where trust was broken.

What topics may be covered during counseling sessions?

The topics discussed in a northern VA marriage counseling session can depend on the needs of the couple. Not every relationship is the same. Thus, not every partnership may face the same types of challenges. Overall, common topics talked about in sessions can include finances, romance, communication, trust, children, anxieties or specific incidents that have had a negative impact on the quality of the relationship.

What are the benefits of working through disputes with the help of a counselor?

A couple that is soon-to-be-wed may find that attending a few sessions of marriage counseling in northern VA has helped them clear the air on any feelings or disputes that needed a little extra attention. Acceptance and healing within a relationship may not happen overnight. Every couple’s journey to a closer bond is not always a straight path either. The couples counselors at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help partners who want to get married feel as though they are starting fresh, with new insights and skills from marriage counseling northern VA couples trust to bring into their matrimony.