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Stress Therapist McLean, VA Stress Therapist McLean, VA

If your teen is struggling at home, socially, and/or academically, it may be time to connect with a stress therapist McLean, VA residents trust. Stress is broadly defined as mental, emotional, and/or physical tension. It is widely understood that stress can be a positive force, a negative force, or a complex force that is simultaneously positive and negative. If your teen is struggling with positive and/or negative stress, it’s not only okay to seek professional guidance, doing so can benefit your teen immeasurably.

Could My Teen Benefit from Therapy?

“Wait,” you may be saying. “Why would I want to schedule counseling sessions for my teen if the stress they’re dealing with is primarily positive?” That’s a good question. Stress can help you learn about yourself, clarify priorities, and meet deadlines. Stress can keep you from turning a blind eye to danger. However, simply because stress is often a necessary presence in a teen’s life doesn’t mean that they couldn’t benefit significantly from speaking with a therapist McLean, VA residents trust. Stress can become overwhelming, even if its intended aims are generally positive. For example, if a high-achieving student becomes too stressed academically, their grades can start to drop, through no fault of the teen’s own. Working with a stress therapist can help teens to cope with the positive stresses in their lives in healthy, self-aware, and productive ways.

Conversely, stress therapy can be invaluable when teens are subjected to negative stress. Suffering a loss, going through major life transitions, being bullied, dealing with romantic breakups, abuse, being diagnosed with a serious medical condition, and a host of other challenges can lead to negative stress. If this stress isn’t managed in healthy ways, it can (all too easily) become internalized. At that point, your teen can, through no fault of their own, develop unhealthy coping mechanisms, suffer health issues, experience academic challenges, and even begin harming themselves (intentionally or unintentionally) and/or engage in dangerous behaviors. Proactive stress therapy can help to mitigate these risks and consequences.

Counseling Services Are Available

If your teen is suffering as a result of stress, regardless of the source of that stress, please consider connecting with the experienced Virginia team at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today. Although your teen may initially resist the idea of speaking with a professional, it’s important to understand that most teens grow to appreciate their therapy experiences over time. Additionally, just as you wouldn’t let an injury remain unattended because your teen was hesitant about seeing their physician, it’s important to seek care that your child needs if their mental and/or emotional wellbeing is suffering. Just because you can’t pinpoint and diagnose stress in the same ways you can pinpoint and diagnose a broken bone doesn’t mean that each condition shouldn’t be treated with care and attention. Please contact our McLean, VA stress therapist team today to explore counseling options for your teen; we look forward to speaking with you.