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Prenup As Part Of Your Wedding To-Do List

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

With so many stories in the news about famous celebrity breakups and how complicated they are before divorce is finalized, it’s no wonder that prenups have captured the attention of public interest and how to protect oneself, just in case. While it is viewed as something only wealthy couples use, you may be surprised to learn how beneficial it can be even if your assets are modest. Having a prenuptial agreement is not only about division of property, as there are many other elements that may be considered. As a prenuptial agreement lawyer offers, if you are thinking about getting a prenup with your partner, here are some tips!

Propose a Prenup at the Right Time

Approaching your partner about a prenuptial agreement may make you nervous, especially if you aren’t sure how they are going to react. Part of getting married means making plans for the future, and a prenup can benefit you both. The intention of the prenup will vary based on the couple and what they want to include. If you or your future spouse have assets that need protecting or either of you has a stake in a family business, then a prenup can be a useful tool. A prenup can be used to decide how assets would be divided in the event of divorce. Some couples may find a neutral mediator beneficial, such as a therapist or close friend when discussing prenuptial agreements. For additional tips and ideas for discussing a prenup, consider reaching out to a therapist.

Elements Every Prenup Should Have

Every prenuptial agreement should be well thought out, and not used against the other in a spiteful way. Both partners should be represented in the document, with an accurate and complete disclosure of debts and assets at the time the agreement is written. The prenup should be consensual to both partners and represent a current reality. If you aren’t sure how to get started writing your prenup, a family law lawyer, such as the team at Carpenter & Lewis PLLC, can be of immense help.

Consider Your Business and Assets

If you are launching a business, then your prenup can be useful in safeguarding assets from potential lawsuits. In the prenup, it will outline your rights in regards to keeping these assets viewed as separate property, meaning they are exempt from being part of a lawsuit or claimed by your spouse later on. If you do not have a business, you can still use a prenup to protect your assets. In the event of an unexpected divorce, at least you won’t have to worry about the status of your business or prized assets.

Consult with a Family Lawyer

It may feel odd to have a lawyer help you when devising your prenuptial agreement, but couples do so all the time. Your prenuptial agreement can be fair, reasonable, and still have heart. If you and your partner genuinely want to create a prenup together, then a lawyer can ensure your agreements are properly drafted and signed accordingly so it is bound by law. If you are part of a couple and plan to get married, a prenup may be something to add to your wedding to do list!