Therapist McLean VirginiaAdmitting that you and your partner need help in your relationship can be difficult to come to terms with. Experiencing challenges in a relationship should not be taken lightly. Sometimes, people wait far too long before they seek help from a professional. Experienced, licensed therapist in mental health and pre marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA couples need at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates with many years of experience can work with you and your partner. They can help you and your partner develop the skills needed to begin to repair your relationship, and effectively communicate with one each other.

What Should We Expect?

Although the strategies of a therapist may differ, you can expect couples therapy sessions or pre marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA residents trust to involve both you and your partner meeting with a therapist. Your therapist will approach working with you from an unbiased and objective point of view by not taking sides in your relationship. You can expect that your therapist will help you and your partner build skills to aid in repairing and strengthening your relationship. You and your partner will be asked to examine unhealthy patterns in your relationship and create a plan or strategize with your therapist regarding the changes you and your partner will make.

Work Goes Beyond Your Sessions

You cannot expect your relationship to change overnight. It can take time to identify and repair unhealthy patterns in your relationship. Both you and your partner will be expected to not only participate in sessions with your therapist, but to do some work outside of the office as well. Your therapist may give you homework or strategies to work on in your own time. This is vital to making changes as working on your relationship takes intention and commitment.

When Your Partner Refuses

One of the biggest barriers a couple may experience when it comes to couples therapy, or pre marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA couples turn to, is when one person in the relationship does not want to participate. This can certainly present a huge problem when trying to take steps to make healthy changes in your relationship. As frustrating as this may be, you can’t force a person to do something they don’t want to do. It may be helpful to ask your partner the reason behind their resistance. The reason may be easily addressed, making it a possibility to get buy in from them. There are a number of reasons a person may refuse therapy that include:

  • Fear of being vulnerable
  • Believing that a therapist will be judgmental about the relationship
  • The mindset that therapy won’t work
  • Believing that you can work through your issues without a therapist

Contending with such barriers can make it especially difficult when trying to encourage your partner to go to therapy or pre marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA relies on. In some cases, when a partner is willing to at least give the process a try, they will see the benefit. If your partner is still not willing to go to therapy, it may make sense for you to try individual counseling instead.

We are here to help you work through the complexities that may arise in your relationship. It can be hard to admit that it is time for couples counseling, at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, you can feel confident in knowing that we will approach your particular situation with compassion, openness and kindness. Call a professional in pre marriage counseling Tysons Corner VA trusts today at 703-951-6409; we are here to help you.