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Being hit by a car as a pedestrian can leave lasting effects, not only on the body but the mind as well. A person who is struck by a car can endure from very painful and agonizing injuries, leaving him or her with emotional trauma too. If you recently suffered being hit by a vehicle, you can turn to an attorney, like a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts, to assist you. You should not have to pay from your own finances to cover emergency bills, hospital care, chiropractic treatments or therapy because a driver decided to act carelessly while on the road.

We have been dedicated in our law practice to helping protect injured people in this community for years. We take pride in being able to assist those going through such a frustrating and unjust situation. Here we have covered the many ways a pedestrian accident can leave emotional effects on the injured person.

Psychological Injuries

It is not uncommon for someone who has suffered from immense physical pain due to a tragedy, to have to see a therapist in order to work through the experience in a healthy and healing way. While the body may mostly heal on its own with some additional care, our minds may need a little more help to get us towards a place of acceptance about what happened. Many pedestrians may immediately or later down the line show symptoms for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Common symptoms of this psychological illness can include:

  1. Re-experiencing the event through recurring dreams and memories, in addition to feeling intense anxiety and/or fear.
  2. Avoiding situations that are similar to the traumatic event. Avoiding places that remind the person of the incident, and being hesitant to talk about the accident.
  3. Feeling emotionally numb or withdrawn regarding the event.
  4. Quickly rising anger, irritability and changes in sleep or inability to focus. Being hyper agitated or startled easily by noises.

How PTSD Affects a Pedestrian

Daily life can become more difficult, and affect a person’s ability to function. A person may find they are unable to do the daily activities or chores they were once used to doing such as grooming, paying bills, cleaning, doing laundry, driving or being involved in their work. Triggers in everyday life can remind the pedestrian of the accident and bring up feelings of fear and panic. PTSD may also slow down rehabilitation of physical injuries.

Seeking Compensation

In addition to seeking financial compensation from the reckless driver for hitting you, you may also receive payment for pain and suffering as a consequence of the accident. Keep all receipts related to your accident including treatment for physical and mental injuries, as such paperwork can be used as proof of bodily damages. Call us as soon as possible, as the longer you wait to get legal help the trickier the process can become.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Patterson Bray for their insight into car accidents.