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When it comes to moving you might notice that there will be days of excitement, days of hard work, and days which seem to throw in a few good challenges. Couple in delays, the summer heat, and forgotten tasks, and you might start to feel overwhelmed. Once all this is done, and you’re sitting in your new home, you may look around and realize you still have to unpack, call out the internet company, and register your children at their new school. These are all normal parts of a move, and they can be stressful at times. In due time, you’ll be satisfied with all of your hard work. That being said, did you know that there are things you can do to make moving less stressful from the very beginning? Here’s how:

Accept that Stress is Normal During the Moving Process

To reduce stress means to accept that it is part of the moving process. At some point during your move, you might start to feel it. When you do, and you’ve already prepared yourself, it won’t affect you as much. Stress is a natural human response to certain circumstances, but it doesn’t last. Take it for what it is, and keep moving forward.

Allow Ample Time to Move

The less time you have to move, the more likely you are to become stressed out. Allot yourself plenty of time to get everything done. If you’re not sure where to begin, create a easy to follow list. Put the most important task at the top. Bare in mind that you’ll need 2-3 days to pack a one bedroom apartment; 4-5 days for a two bedroom home; and 6-7+ days for a 3 bedroom home. Don’t forget to consider cleaning, utility turn offs (and turn ons), and whether or not you will hire a moving company to help you.

Tackle the Small Things First

If you’re feeling paralyzed by the thought of moving, try to start small. You might begin by packing up a drawer of items you don’t use or sorting through books that could be donated. What’s important is that you’re making progress while also managing your stress load. With this mindset, you’ll soon realize that you’re getting things done – piece by piece.

Remain Organized

If you’re seeking a move that is as stress-free as possible, then make sure you stay organized. For example, sort your items into boxes and then label them. Keep any important documents such as moving company contracts, lease agreements, utility shut off agreements, and so forth in one accessible place. Don’t forget to keep any “must have items” separate from anything that will be packed.

Hire a Moving Company

If your budget allows, nothing can reduce the stress associated with a move than calling upon a professional moving company to help. Depending on your needs, professional movers can pack, load, transport, and unpack your belongings. They can also help you with any heavy or awkward shaped objects, and some companies will even offer cleaning services. Just make sure to choose one that is reliable and has a record of success.

Finally, remember to breathe and get plenty of rest. Moving can take a lot out of you. Whenever you’re feeling too much stress than you can handle. Stop and breathe for a few minutes. Make sure to get a full night’s rest, even if that means you will need to add on an extra day of moving. It will be worth it.