Couples Therapy Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling
with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples —
married, dating, or engaged heterosexual or same-sex —
and at any stage of their relationships.
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Family Therapist Mclean VA

couples therapy Loudoun County, VAAgreeing to see a family therapist in McLean, VA from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates may be one of the best decisions you make for your family. While not every family has the same problems, many do struggle with communication, and unfortunately, many others do not know how to converse in a healthy way. Therefore, family counseling Mclean VA offers can be an excellent opportunity and a teaching tool. However, some family members may decide to go and then get anxious as the appointment approaches, which is understandable; it can be difficult to talk about personal issues with a stranger. Therefore, it is likely beneficial to understand the basics of a therapy session and what you can expect during your visits.

50 Minute Sessions

Some people are worried that when they enter a McLean, Virginia family therapist’s office they will be trapped. You are never captive and you and your family are free to leave whenever you would like. Know that most sessions are only 50 minutes, and you do not have to talk. However, if you leave or refuse to communicate, then you may hinder progress. The point of agreeing to attend therapy was to improve your family’s relationship which can only happen if you participate.

Unbiased Mediation
Most families see a therapist for family counseling in Mclean, VA when they reach a point where they can no longer effectively resolve issues on their own. Now, there are many reasons for this shutdown in cooperation, which are too vast for this article, but many families struggle with emotions of guilt, resentment, or even shame. Therefore, when talking with each other, it may be easier to shut each other down or out instead of allowing an actual dialogue to take place. A family therapist McLean, VA families rely on helps to instigate an open and unbiased exchange through mediation techniques and the removal of “blame statements.”

No Pressure
Sometimes people are reluctant or anxious to attend therapy because they feel that they will be pressured to talk about things they don’t want to or make up things that aren’t true. Nothing could be further from the truth. Therapy, including family therapy, is about becoming emotionally aware, developing communication skills, and revealing your emotional self at your pace. No one should pressure you, and if you find that a counselor is pushing you past your comfort level too quickly, then seek another counselor.

Committing to attending family counseling is only the first step toward healthy communication and resolution. While you may develop anxiety before that initial appointment, know that you are not a prisoner, that you will not be condemned or judged and that there is no pressure to speak before you are ready. If you have any other questions or concerns, then reach out to a licensed family therapist in McLean, VA from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for answers.