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Family Counseling Great Falls VA

Family Counseling Great Falls VAThere are many benefits to undergoing family counseling in Great Falls VA, and Lindsey Hoskins & Associates is here to support you and your family as you work through life’s challenges. The family counseling we offer has helped many of our fellow community members in Great Falls, VA  and our staff of experienced counselors can help you too. If your family is facing difficulties or going through a difficult time, contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the tools you need to move forward.

Common Reasons for Seeking Family Counseling in Great Falls VA

There is a long list of reasons for why a family might seek family counseling in Great Falls VA. However, some reasons are more common than others. Our therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates encourage you to contact us even if your need for counseling is not included in this list:

  •         Drug or alcohol abuse on the part of one or more family members.
  •         The passing of a family member or a close family friend.
  •         Personal strife between one or more family members which is causing harmful discord.
  •         Marital or partnership discord, including infidelity and divorce.

Proactive Family Counseling

Sometimes a family is not ready to seek counseling until the issue or issues they are dealing with have become very serious. When possible, if an issue is first developing it can be beneficial for the family members to seek family counseling in Great Falls VA as a proactive measure. Working through challenges before they reach crisis level can facilitate the healing process and prevent additional damage to the family. This includes depression of such depth that it could lead to suicide. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offers proactive family counseling in Great Falls VA; call us to talk to one of our therapists to find out more. We realize that a proactive approach is not always practical or possible, and we are here for you regardless of where in the process your family is in terms of handling a difficult situation.

The Benefits of Engaging in Family Counseling in Great Falls VA

We offer a safe environment in which families can gather to discuss the issues with which they are dealing, ask each other questions and look for guidance from a trained and experienced professional therapist. Sometimes a quiet and neutral environment can be a more comfortable space for effectively dealing with emotional conflict. Family counseling in Great Falls VA with a Lindsey Hoskins & Associates therapist includes an emphasis on developing effective tools for improved communication and mutual healing. Your therapist can help you learn:

  •         How to improve communication with listening and speaking tools.
  •         How to anticipate potential emotional triggers and how to avoid them.
  •         How to share empathy and other feelings.
  •         How to think before speaking or reacting.
  •         How to identify and respect personal boundaries.
  •         How to express and hear anger in healthy and respectful ways.
  •         How to ask for and receive help of any kind from another family member.
  •         How to use body language in a respectful and loving manner.

Learn More About the Benefits of Family Counseling in Great Falls VA

Call us at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to discover how family counseling in Great Falls VA can be of benefit to you and your family.

Client Review

“Dr. Hoskins and her team have been nothing short of a Godsend for my family and I. Always patient, always ready to help however she can. Her assistance has been a cornerstone in our surviving one of the worst tragedies imagineable for a family to bear.”
Rod S.
Client Review