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The Goals, Factors, and Guidelines of Couples TherapyCouples Therapy Great Falls VA

Long-term relationships often require both partners investing time, emotions, energy and commitment. In many cases, partners are able to address and work through their problems without professional assistance. But for others, there may be things that come up which cannot be resolved together. This is where Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can be a useful resource for couples therapy in the Great Falls, VA area, to help partners overcome obstacles so they can have a flourishing and enjoyable relationship. There is a misconception about therapy being the last ditch effort to prevent a couple from breaking up. However, couples can benefit from attending therapy way before they have reached their breaking point. The longer the strife goes on, the more effort it may take to recover.

Are there guidelines therapists use when working with couples?

Different therapists may use various approaches when working with couples. However, there are a few general guidelines therapists may follow, as a structure for their Great Falls, Virginia couples therapy sessions:

  • Each partner in the relationship is also a separate individual, whos experience may contribute to or weaken the bond with their partner
  • Life events that one partner goes through may not only impact him or her, but the partner as well
  • Life events that are shared together as a couple, can impact them each in different ways
  • There may be specific incidents that occurred which influenced the relationship in a negative way, leading to a dysfunctional dynamic (including secrets, cheating, trust issues, inattentiveness, loneliness, lack of passion, control, etc.)

How long do couples wait before going to therapy?

Some couples may struggle with issues for many years before both agreeing to get professional help from couples therapy in the Great Falls, VA area. It is possible that one partner was ready to go to therapy together way before the other, so it took time before they both agreed. It is unfortunate when couples wait until past the breaking point to see a therapist, as so much resentment and anger may have built up that it can hinder their openness to the process.

What are the most important factors in successful couples counseling?

If the therapist does not provide an environment where both partners feel comfortable expressing their feelings, then couples therapy is likely to fail from the start. It is the role of the therapist to be unbiased and not make either partner feel alienated. Both partners must also be willing to work on themselves so the relationship can improve. One partner cannot carry the weight of the entire relationship on his or her shoulders. It requires each person being dedicated to change before growth can happen.

What are the therapist’s goals for counseling sessions?

Therapists who work with couples may first try to learn more about each partner as an individual person, and how they contribute to the relationship dynamic. The therapist may start off by asking the couple why they are attending therapy in the first place. Some couples may already be fully aware of the origin of the problem, but need help working through it by improving communication or other skills. Other couples may bicker frequently, feel resentful and irritated by their partner, but are not sure exactly why. Since every relationship is different, not all therapy goals may be the same.

To learn more about how couples therapy can help your relationship, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates in the Great Falls, VA area today.

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