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Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
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Couples Counseling Reston, VA

Couples Counseling Reston, VA

It is often not an easy choice for Virginia couples to make the decision to go to couples counseling. Constant arguments can put your relationship at stake. When couples never seem to be on the same page, it can seem like it’s impossible that you will ever see eye to eye. Going to couples counseling can make you and your partner better communicate with each other. Counseling involves not only getting to the root of issues a couple may be having, but also for each partner to admit their imperfections. The couple may feel as if they have failed in their relationship, but choosing to participate in couples counseling Reston, VA families recommend is actually a healthy decision that can make your relationship even stronger than it was before.

A healthy relationship is maintained when both partners respect each other, despite not being able to see each other’s perspective. They are willing to understand each other and keep their focus on their shared core values. Arguments are a natural part of any relationship, but if they are not addressed properly and resolved they can affect the health of a relationship over time. One person might hold on to certain statements and hold a grudge against their partner for what they said. When couples don’t settle their conflicts effectively, it can introduce cracks in their relationship.
While every relationship has its ups and downs, there are some strong signs that the couple may need a couples counselor to help them work through problems. These signs may indicate a deeper issue that needs to be discussed in depth.These include the following:

· Frequent arguments: If a couple is finding that their days are filled more and more with conflict, that could be a sign that something is wrong. Even “small” disagreements – if they are occurring frequently – often indicates that there are deeper problems. Couples should find a way to look past small arguments and focus on the important matters of their relationship. Topics that have minimal importance should not trigger constant arguments. Frequently arguing about trivial issues is often a passive-aggressive indicator that there are bigger unspoken issues at play.

· Poor communication: If one or both of the partners are feeling unheard or misunderstood, resentments can fester. One partner may give up trying to talk to their partner about certain subjects, or reluctantly adjust their behavior. This can also cause that partner to begin pulling away and emotionally shutting down. They may believe that they can’t depend on their partner to confide in them. As a result, the emotional bond between a couple can weaken. Miscommunication is often one of the biggest reasons that many couples are always arguing. Rather than reflect on the way they speak to their partners, they focus on what their partner is doing. Couples counseling in Reston, VA can teach the couple communication skills that ensure that both partners feel their voice and feelings are being heard and validated.

· Broken trust: This is one of the most common reasons why a couple comes to couples counseling. There are many ways trust can be broken in a relationship, such as one of the partners cheating on the other or maybe they lied to their partner about finances. Restoring trust will take time, it can’t be accomplished over a short period. The more severe the reason that the trust was broken, the more difficult it will be for one partner to gain the other’s trust back. No matter what the issue, if trust has been broken, counseling can provide the couple a way to try to rebuild the trust again.

· Something is off in the relationship: Many couples who seek out counseling are often unsure what the issues are in their relationship; they just know that something just doesn’t feel right. You may feel as if there has been a shift in the dynamic between you and your partner. Maybe you don’t feel as comfortable sharing things with them like you used to. Or maybe there is resentment growing between the two of you and you just don’t understand why. This is a common issue among couples, whether they just recently got into a relationship or have been together for years. Maybe one partner’s expectation of the other has shifted. People can change, and their views, values, and interests may change over the course of their relationship. Getting to the root of what is developing before it really becomes difficult can help avoid heartache and anger between the two of you. A counselor can help a couple identify those issues and give them the tools to work through them.

When the Loss of a Loved One Becomes Too Much

It has long been understood that when a couple faces the loss of a child, the chances of remaining together long-term go down. There are numerous reasons for this reality, including the simple fact that people grieve in different ways. While grief can bring partners together, it can also – very unintentionally and very understandably – drive them apart. If the loss of a child, parent, or other loved one is causing instability in your relationship, attending couples counseling may help you to heal both as a couple and as individuals.

When Issues with a Couple’s Children Take Over the Relationship

As Jim Henson once observed, “The attitude you have as a parent is what your kids will learn from more than what you tell them. They don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” For this reason, it can be helpful for the entire family when parents enter couples counseling – especially if any of the tension in one’s marriage is caused by issues concerning the children. However much parents strive to teach their children well, kids learn by example. When parents confront their issues in an effort to grow into healthier individuals, their children benefit and their relationships with their children tend to benefit too.

When a Diagnosis Shakes a Relationship’s Foundation

Whether you, your romantic partner, your child, or another close loved one has been recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition, chances are very high that this diagnosis has affected the relationship between you and your partner. Whether the diagnosis involves addiction, a chronic condition, or acute trauma, couples counseling can help you both to navigate the challenges that such a diagnosis presents.
When Individual Growth Affects a Relationship’s Evolution

Individuals don’t always grow and change at the same rate. As a result, one romantic partner’s growth as an individual – especially when significant and/or relatively sudden – can change the dynamic of a relationship if the other partner isn’t growing at the same rate and/or in the same direction. Couples counseling can help to ensure that a changing dynamic is addressed in the healthiest and most productive ways possible under the circumstances.

When Money Becomes an Issue

Both financial instability and sudden financial windfalls can create stress in a romantic relationship. It has long been acknowledged that financial issues are among the most common reasons why couples fight. Whether job loss, a career change, an inheritance, a financial crisis, or another money matter is causing tension in your relationship, talking these issues out with an experienced Reston, VA couples counseling specialist can help you resolve that tension to the best of your ability.

Let Our Dedicated Professionals Help

A couples therapist specializes in helping couples who are struggling in their relationships. They listen and talk to couples about their issues, and suggest ways that they can improve their communication and conflict resolution skills. The goal of a couples therapist is to help each partner in a relationship develop meaningful insights that help foster mutual respect and empathy. If you and your partner are considering couples counseling in Reston, VA, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled couples counselors.

When is the correct time to seek couples counseling in Reston Virginia?

Couples should seek treatment long before they believe they need to. It is better for couples to attend a therapy session before their arguments get so severe to the point that both partners give up on trying to repair their relationship. Many professionals think that treatment can be a fundamental part of your relationship. Most concerns within a couple begin little and then grow in size when they don’t get fixed. Couples end up holding on to small concerns, which can lead to resentment. This is where treatment can assist, by offering tools and methods to improve conflict resolution. An objective third party like a couples therapist can introduce perspectives that both partners have not considered before. They can help partners engage with each other in a more productive manner that promotes growth and understanding. The bulk of couples that I deal with state that they need to have started treatment years previously. contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to learn more.

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There are 3 sides to every story: his side, her side and the facts. An objective third party can be just the ticket when couples feel they can no longer interact efficiently.
Rather than seeing treatment as the solution to a crisis, look at it as an essential aspect of a healthy life.

Every couple must take preventive measures to keep healthy in their relationship, just like going to the fitness center. If couples do not work their relational and emotional ‘muscles,’ they become un-toned, weak and create more of an opportunity of damage being done to their relationship.

What takes place throughout couples counseling in Reston, VA?

Although every therapist is different, there are some commonalities. The very first session typically includes the therapist getting to know you, discussing the areas of the relationship they want to enhance and setting goals.

Some, however not all, therapists will appoint homework for the couples to work on prior to the next session. Ideally, the majority of the work gets done, in my experience, beyond my workplace. Contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to learn more.

What issues can take advantage of therapy?

Couples come to treatment for any number of reasons, but in my experience, in addition to infidelity, the greatest problems include sex, communication, cash and significant life modifications such as marrying or starting a household. Couples therapy is likewise an excellent concept if one of you is managing a concern that might be impacting your relationship (such as depression) or just if you’re feeling stuck and stagnant in your relationship.

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Treatment can provide a safe area to speak about sensitive subjects such as sex. Just like folks can get caught in a negative relational cycle, couples can typically also get stuck in a negative sexual cycle. I inform couples that when the sex they’re having is worth having, they’ll have more of it.
Communication is likewise a big concern for couples. Merely talking with each other more isn’t the answer. There is communication, and after that there’s reliable interaction. Both parties need to feel heard, soothed, respected and cared for initially. We examine old interaction patterns and after that change them with practical and more effective ones. These are all exercised collaboratively with the couple and within the context of their daily life.

Relationships take constant work and couples may not always be on the same page. Couples should seek treatment long before they believe they need to. Most issues within a couple begin small and then grow in size when they don’t get dealt with. The bulk of couples that I work with say that they must have begun treatment years previously.

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