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An SOS to All Moms Navigating the Rough Waters of Transitions in a Post-Pandemic World

SOS or “Save Our Ship” was a morse code expression most likely coined by soldiers to signal to other ships the need for help in their own distress. As I began my career, became a wife, and then later a mom, this term took on different levels of meaning. I willingly chose a helping profession and being a natural born caretaker I settled into my role of captain of my family’s ship. I ask myself how would a captain handle this latest friend dilemma? How would a captain address discord amongst its crew? How will this captain coordinate and execute the difficult morning routine to get out the door on time for work and school? What rough waves will we encounter and are there any storms on the horizon? When can we coast to smooth crystal clear water where the captain can kick back and relax? Oftentimes the job of the captain appears lonely and solitary with so much responsibility hanging on each and every action and word spoken to the crew. Each of you is the captain of your own life and as you look out onto the water what do YOU see? What direction are you taking your ship? Do you feel as if the ship is directing itself or are you proudly at the helm directing it’s every move? Is the wind on your back or are you facing it head on figuring out which direction to turn? How many different roles do you take on in your life? Which ones do you feel comfortable in and which ones have taken time to adjust to? Which roles have you embraced with open arms while other ones you have hesitated to assimilate?

While we may not know the answers to many of our questions and sometimes the answers give us more to ponder, we know for sure that as female captains we are shattering that glass ceiling and in doing so we need each other. We need fully transparent and vulnerable YOU. We need the support of other mom captains as we navigate sending our precious cargo off to unknown territory in a post-pandemic world where they face many more risks and challenges than we ever did in a pre-pandemic/pre-9-11 world. Join me and other moms as we lean into each other and learn from one another in my new group starting Sunday September 19th called SOS Sundays with Lori. I see you and I hear you, we can navigate these uncharted and often choppy waters together.

Lori Harkin Huse, MSW, LCSW provides couple, family, and individual therapy in our Sterling, VA office and virtually to those located in the State of Virginia. Call or email today to set up your first appointment or a complimentary consultation with Lori!