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Why do People Avoid Therapy? therapist Chevy Chase MD

Most people can benefit from talking to a professional therapist from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, LLC. From work stress and family obligations, life can be pretty overwhelming at times. Therapy offers a way to express your feelings and emotions in a safe environment. However, many people still shy away from speaking to a therapist, even when it’s the best thing for them.

Here are some common reasons why people avoid therapy:

They Think Others Will Look Down on Them

Although therapy isn’t nearly as taboo as it once was, there is still a stigma out there. Some people avoid going to therapy because they’re afraid their family members and friends will think differently about them. They believe their friends and family will shun them, so they refuse to talk to a Chevy Chase MD therapist.

They Have Had Bad Experiences with Therapy in the Past

Some people have gone to therapy in the past and didn’t experience the success they were hoping for. They believe that if therapy didn’t work in the past, it couldn’t possibly work now. That is the wrong way to think. They might have not had a good connection with their therapist. If they take the time to find a therapist who is a better fit, therapy may be more of a success.

They Don’t Believe a Therapist Can Help Them with Their Issues

Many people believe their issues are so awful and strange that a therapist couldn’t possibly help them. However, there is a therapist out there for every kind of issue. Isolating themselves because they believe they’re too ashamed of their problems will only make things worse.

They’re Afraid of Feeling Judged

The idea of talking to a complete stranger about their problems scares a lot of people. They’re afraid the therapist may judge them. It’s important to understand, however, that therapists undergo extensive training and are taught to treat every patient with warmth and understanding. No matter how embarrassing an issue may be, a therapist is taught to not pass judgment.

They’re Afraid to Face Their Issues

Some people put off therapy because they’re too scared to confront the issues they’re facing. They may think that if they ignore the issues long enough, they will eventually go away. However, it definitely doesn’t work that way. The longer they put off their issues, the more distressed they will be. It’s better to face the issues early on, no matter how scary it may be.

They Think They’ll Be in Therapy Forever

A common misconception people have is that if they go to therapy, they’ll be in it forever. However, the goal of therapy is to resolve whatever issues the patient is facing so that they can live their life to the fullest.

If you are dealing with a behavioral or emotional issue, you shouldn’t hesitate to speak to a therapist Chevy Chase MD patients recommend. The therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, LLC are caring and nonjudgmental and will help you work through your issues.