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What are some misconceptions about therapy?

What are some misconceptions about therapy?A therapist in Mclean, VA at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates knows that when it comes to therapy, there are a number of misconceptions. Many of these stem from what is seen in the media. All too often a therapist is thought of being akin to a popular Doctor or talk show on tv who might put down or shame a person. This is not how therapy sessions work. A study from Psychology Today stated that 80 million people saw a therapist on a regular basis. Their reasons for seeking therapy ranged from wanting to cope with stress, anxiety, a relationship,or depression, to trying to figure out who they were or how to live a healthy, happy life. If you have been turned away from getting help from a Mclean, VA therapist  because of something your heard or saw, consider the following misconceptions of therapy and their real truths.

Misconception 1: Only people who have “serious” mental problems should have a therapist

Reality: You don’t have to be diagnosed with a disorder or be serious struggling in life to talk with a therapist for Mclean, VA. This mindset can cause a delay in getting help; thereby, exacerbating the problem that exists. Therapy can help with all sorts of issues. Some people go to sessions because they want to improve their life. Others want to work out a marriage plan, and there are those who would like help in coping with an illness or disorder. There is no shame in wanting to get help for something you believe to be hindering your life.

Misconception 2: Therapy is expensive

Reality: Therapy can be expensive; however, many insurance providers include therapy in their plans. Make sure to review your policy or contact your insurance company to verify this. Many therapists in Mclean, VA strive to help people and will offer sliding scale sessions which are based upon your income. Be sure to ask yourself what the cost of no doing therapy might be? Could you lose your job or your relationship because you avoided reaching out for help?

Misconception 3: Therapy is pointless

Reality: Some people believe that therapists regurgitate common sense making sessions pointless. This is not true. Therapy helps people to gain insight and wisdom. Your sessions are like your own private college course where you get to focus entirely on you. Your “teacher” will be your therapist, and he or she will guide you through your sessions. Thus, a therapist in Mclean, VA can help you to understand and reach your goals.

Misconception 4: Friends are better than a therapist

Reality: Having the support of a friend can be wonderful, and is important. However, the professional relationship you have with a therapist will be different from the relationship you have with a friend. Therapists have had years of training and understand how to diagnose and treat a broad range of issues. Furthermore, there is a good chance that you will censor yourself in some way with a friend – even if you’re not consciously aware of doing so. In therapy sessions you have the opportunity to confidentiality speak your mind without fearing repercussions or judgment. This can make therapy worthwhile.

Misconception 5: People who want to go to therapy are weak

Reality: Unfortunately having emotional or mental issues is seen by some as a character flaw. In truth, most people will have struggled with some kind of issue at one point in their life. No one is too weak for therapy. In fact by wanting to get help for your issues, you are gathering your strength to take action for the better. Millions of people, including Nobel Prize winners, musicians, researchers, professors, politicians, athletes, and executives, have sought therapy. You can too.

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