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What Are Signs You May Need Family Counseling?For many couples, the choice to go to family counseling may feel like a big step. This decision often accompanies the realization and admittance that there is something not working in your relationship. That in itself can be an intimidating – even scary – conclusion. It is that realization that can lead many couples to postpone participating in family counseling, hoping that whatever issues are there will eventually work themselves out.

As any therapist can attest to, however, ignoring the issues just ends up compounding them and can lead to a total breakdown of the relationship. This is why it is better to recognize those signs and get help. Some of the common signs that could indicate that you and your partner would benefit from counseling include:

You are arguing more: If you notice that you and your partner are arguing more, this is a good indicator that something is brewing, especially if small “spats” often turn into large blowouts. This is often a sign that there are serious unresolved issues between the two of you and you may be using the “little things” as weapons against each other. Family counseling in Mclean VA can help the two of you dig deeper to uncover what the real issues are that is causing all of this acrimony between the two of you.

Communication is lacking: If you or your partner are constantly feeling ignored or misunderstood by the other, this is frequently an indication that communication between you is poor. Many couples who hit this issue often describe it as living with a stranger because they really have no idea anymore what the other is thinking or feeling. Family counseling can give you the tools to be able to listen to each other and really hear what the other is saying.

Something just doesn’t feel right: The old advice about listening to your intuition is true. When something just doesn’t feel right between the two of you, even if you don’t have any idea what that something is, it’s often a sign that there are issues that are not being addressed. One partner may not feel as comfortable with the other or there may be resentment building between the two partners and they just do not understand why. If you feel that there is dysfunction that has crept into your relationship, family counseling can help you and your partner find the source of these negative feelings that have taken over and help you work through resolving those issues.

Trust has been broken: Many couples seek out family counseling because trust has been broken. This can occur because of infidelity on the part of one or both partners. For many individuals, their partner may not have been involved in a sexual relationship with someone else, however, there was some type of emotional connection made and that too can break the trust of partners. There are also couples who seek out counseling because of deception or lies over money. Whatever caused the breach of trust in your relationship, couples counseling can help with the rebuilding of that trust and provide a safe place for each partner to express their thoughts and emotions freely to the other.

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we assist families with working through issues and helping rebuild relationships. If you would like to find out how family counseling Mclean VA residents recommend can help, contact our office today to learn more about the services we provide.