Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
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Therapist Tysons Corner VA- woman holding pillow A therapist in Tysons Corner, VA from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates is aware of the many ways that couples may go through hard times. For those who have attended couples counseling already, most of them would say that it really worked for them, regardless of the outcome. Couples therapy is a great way to address problems in your relationship that you are struggling to deal with together. Issues such as infidelity, fertility, miscommunication, intimacy, and so much more can be talked about in a safe and non-judgemental space.

It isn’t uncommon for people to have questions about couples therapy, and whether they should try it. Consider the following Q&A to see if scheduling a session with us at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates could be good idea for your relationship:

Can someone who is not in my relationship actually help us?

This is a valid question, however, many couples who have been in a relationship for quite some time usually habitualize to certain patterns without realizing it. A third party who is neutral and there to support you both, not take sides or blame, can help you understand what is going on in your relationship.

If we can’t find a solution to our problems, are we meant for each other?
Relationships can be a wonderful and nourishing experience. But, they are also emotional and sometimes couples trigger the other in their interactions instead of using rational thoughts. The presence of an unbiased third party to help each of you see your dynamic in a less emotionally-charged way, can allow you to begin working through the tough issues.

There are times when couples decide to move on despite going to therapy, and find that the counseling sessions helped them realize it was time and the grieving process had less anger and resentment because of it. Separating with support from a VA therapist in Tysons Corner can promote inner healing, where hopefully both people can feel at peace with the outcome.

If I have family and friends to talk to, is therapy still needed?

Most people discuss their romantic relationship with close loved ones, such as friends and family. But, couples therapists have probably helped hundreds of couples, each of them unique, but often with similar challenges. Having a therapist to talk to allows you to discuss topics that may upset your relatives or friends. Furthermore, a therapist is unbiased since they are removed from your life, which can help each partner be more honest and open.

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