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Sterling Top Relationship CounselorsAs trusted Sterling, Virginia top relationship counselors from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates understand, one of the most difficult things you can do in a relationship is set boundaries. Depending on how a person grew up, they may believe that they cannot set boundaries without saying goodbye to the relationship or without their partner wanting to leave them. After all, isn’t the word “boundaries” just another way of saying you want to control the relationship? Absolutely not. Boundaries in different areas of your relationship can be healthy and when both partners discuss boundaries and agree to them, this can be a great foundation for a healthy, trusting relationship. When you are ready to set boundaries in your relationship, call our office to see how we can help you.

What can make boundaries difficult?

One thing that our Sterling top relationship counselors can help with is identifying where you have seen boundaries set in your life and how you want them modeled in your relationship. Many times, we take cues from different societal norms or from a religion we follow. If your parents got divorced early or you were dealing with a partner who cheated on you in your previous relationship, these can make it difficult for you to know what boundaries are appropriate to set. In counseling, we can talk about creating safe boundaries, such as:

Understanding your partner’s anxiety cues so that you are willing to discuss issues that may create bigger problems.
Not snooping on your partner’s computer, phone, or tablet, but instead having open and honest conversations about what they are looking at or who they are talking with.
Being open about your relationships with other people and how you communicate with others.
Being transparent and honest about when you or your partner will be at other social outings and who you could expect to be there and what time you may expect them home.

These are just a few ways that you can set careful boundaries in your relationship so that you can thrive. It is crucial that you and your partner have separate interests and time apart from one another so that you can each grow individually as well. However, when you are constantly worrying about what they may be doing or they are concerned about who you are talking to, it is time to set boundaries. Anxiety over these issues can quickly and quietly eat away at a relationship until it feels like there is nothing left to salvage.

Getting Counseling Help

If you have had bad experiences in prior relationships and would like to build your relationship on a strong foundation, going to relationship counseling can help strengthen the bond with your partner. Instead of trying to work on this on your own without guidance, see what a counselor can do to help you. When you and your partner are ready, speak with someone from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to schedule your appointment. Our Sterling top relationship counselors can help you today.