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How Attending Couples Counseling Can Help Prevent Divorce

While we wish for the best outcome in marriage, sometimes a couple can struggle through severe hard times. Perhaps they haven’t been able to get over a recent incident of infidelity, are enduring financial difficulties, or are facing problems with infertility. No matter what the issue is, it can help to turn to a compassionate and unbiased psychotherapist in Mclean, VA for support. It is advised that couples going through hard times see a therapist From Lindsey Hoskins & Associates as soon as possible. The longer that resentment and anger builds, the longer it can take to work through the heavy clouds.

Can couples counseling save my marriage?

If both partners are dedicated to the process and attend marriage counseling together, it is possible that their marriage can be salvaged. It is important to note that there is no guarantee for what will happen to the relationship. Unfortunately, some couples are just meant for other things and divorce is the right decision. Going to see a psychotherapist in Mclean, VA sooner is better than waiting too long. For some people, once they get past the breaking point there is no turning back. But, if each partner is committed to trying then the relationship can be rebuilt.

How will I know I found the right therapist?

A reputable therapist in Mclean, VA will ensure that the couple can communicate in a safe and open space. If one spouse feels that the therapist is favoring the other during sessions, it can have a negative impact on the couple’s ability to overcome their problems. The right psychotherapist in Mclean, VA will be someone that makes you both feel at-ease and not judged.

How soon will my spouse and I be happy again?

The honest truth is that therapy isn’t a “quick fix” for couples who have considered divorce. It often takes many more than just a couple sessions before the couple experiences a positive change in their relationship. A contributing factor to whether a married couple overcomes their challenges is based on how dedicated they are to seeing things through and making an effort. Real change, honesty, and commitment are essential.

What if my spouse and I feel great after just one session?

When both partners show dedication to fixing the marriage, they can enter a period of bliss and joy where they feel like the relationship is improving. This is normal, and a wonderful benefit of therapy, but without continued counseling the relationship may slowly dwindle back to where it once was. In general, married couples who want to save their relationship should anticipate going to therapy for a few months or longer before seeing truly lasting results.

What other topics can be discussed in therapy?

During couples counseling, any topic that is an area of difficulty in the relationship can be talked about. Examples of things that may be discussed during a session include, but isn’t limited to:

-Sexual intimacy problems
-Emotional and/or physical cheating
-Financial hardships
-Morals and religious beliefs
-Past indiscretions
-Lying, withholding the truth

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