Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
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If you are planning to marry your significant other, you may want to consider premarital counseling Sterling VA couples trust. The purpose of these counseling sessions is to give couples the skills they need to have for a successful marriage. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we provide premarital counseling services in a comfortable setting and do everything we can to make our clients feel at ease.

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

1. It Provides an Opportunity to Confront Issues

During premarital counseling in Sterling VA, couples have a chance to talk about issues that could potentially lead to problems in their marriage. It’s important for you and your significant other to speak openly and honestly about issues that have been bothering you. For example, if you are concerned about your partner’s financial habits, you’d be able to bring that up in a session and discuss various ways of handling it together. It’s better to settle these disagreements before they present issues in your marriage.

2. It Helps You Set Goals for the Future

Premarital counseling Sterling VA families turn to also helps couples plan for their future. A counselor can sit down with you and your partner to discuss your goals for the future, such as saving up for a house or having children, and may provide suggestions on how to successfully accomplish those goals.

3. It Improves Communication Skills

Communication is the key to a good marriage. Couples who know how to communicate with one another effectively are more likely to resolve issues before they become too much to handle. Premarital counseling Sterling VA can provide teaches couples how to improve their communications skills and understand their partners better.

4. You Get an Outside Opinion

Many couples who are about to get married think their relationship is great and don’t believe they will face any problems down the road. That’s one of the reasons why Sterling premarital counseling is so important: It’s a simple fact that all couples disagree at some point. A licensed premarital counselor can listen to both sides of an argument and give you their honest perspective.

5. You’ll Gain Foresight

When you’re about to get married to the love of your life, you might not think about all the things you could face in your marriage. During premarital counseling Sterling VA counts on, a counselor may give you foresight about everything you can expect when you get married. For example, you might not think about how your spouse’s career goals may impact your own, or how a new baby might cause you both to change your priorities.

If you have decided to go to premarital counseling, it’s important to choose the right counselor. When you talk to a counselor on the phone, ask certain questions, such as where he or she went to school or how much experience he or she has with premarital counseling, to determine if there is a good fit or not.

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