Pre Marriage Counseling Mclean VA

Pre Marriage Counseling Mclean VAOne of the most common questions asked of Mclean, Virginia couples counselors has nothing to do with relationships; it is, “How long will pre marriage counseling last?” Unfortunately, while many people would like a set timeline, the answer to that question is unknown. Some couples experience tremendous strides within the first few appointments, while others don’t make any real progress until they are further along.

The real question should be about how your relationship has floundered and what can be done to improve communication to resolve the issues at hand. The truth is that every couple is different and their problems require whatever time is necessary. For those committed to the process, there is a general idea of how long it takes for progress to occur, and there are treatments which may speed up that timeline.

The Six Session Rule

While not set in stone, many Mclean VA therapists suggest that couples can see some progress within six pre marriage counseling sessions. However, it should be noted that this is a rough estimate and does not in any way imply that issues are or can be resolved within that time allotment. Progress is incremental, and pre marriage counseling in Mclean VA is about building on those minor improvements to achieve healthier communication and rebuild trust, which in turn may promote healing in the relationship.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotional stability should be the goal of counseling, which may seem strange to those hoping to save a marriage or relationship. Unfortunately, Mclean VA pre marriage counseling may not be focused on protecting the relationship but instead focused on the healthy interactions between you and your significant other. Some relationships do not work, regardless of the love that is expressed or shared.

Counseling, or more specifically emotionally focused therapy, is about connecting with and challenging individual emotional responses in an effort to promote healthy dialogue and improved communication so that the issues of a relationship can be addressed, which may lead to unpredictable revelations and outcomes. EFT therapy can be a more effective way of diagnosing underlying psychological problems than traditional treatment, which can lead to a quicker progression through the sessions.

Pre marriage counseling in Mclean VA will essentially take as long as it takes. While there are general timelines, like the six-session rule, relationships are unique and therefore require different approaches to treatment. Also, a relationship involves two people, and each of those individuals come into the pairing with their own emotions and experiences, which means that the timeline is further dependent on their personal revelations.

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