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If your family has been dealing with an illness, you may want to consider medical family therapy Sterling VA residents recommend. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we understand that a single person’s illness can have a major effect on their entire family. While the focus is often on helping that individual heal and/or cope with their illness, it’s important to keep in mind that every member may be dealing with this stressful event in a different way. When one person is suffering from a medical problem, such as a chronic illness or mental health concern, it can benefit the whole family to seek medical family therapy Sterling VA can provide.

What is medical family therapy?

This type of therapy often helps to bridge the gap between the support that a doctor might provide and the support that a personal therapist might provide. In Sterling medical family therapy, a family can learn how to cope with situations that are unique to the world of medicine. This could include things like interacting with doctors, understanding complex test results, dealing with insurance companies, managing difficult medication side effects, and explaining the individual’s illness to other family members or friends. If an individual is facing a fatal injury or incurable disease, the other members of the family can use this space to learn coping mechanisms for the loss of their loved one.

How are medical family therapy sessions structured?

Similar to other types of family therapy, medical family therapy in Sterling VA can utilize one-on-one sessions or it can bring the whole family together for a group session. The structure of your therapy sessions ultimately depend on the factors that you and your family are facing. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we take great care to work with our clients closely and formulate a therapy structure that benefits their own unique situation.

What types of medical conditions could be addressed in medical family therapy?

There is no clearly defined list of “acceptable” medical conditions when it comes to seeking medical family therapy Sterling VA has to offer. Families might turn to a therapist when a family member is struggling with addiction, a mental health disease, or with a chronic illness. A life-threatening or disabling injury could impact an entire family as well. Mental health and physical health are strongly intertwined, and a medical family therapist can help to address both of these aspects — either on an individual basis or with the whole family.

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If your family has been affected by a major health crisis, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information on our services. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, our therapists are highly trained and experienced when it comes to providing support to individuals and to families. Seeking assistance through therapy can help each member of your family learn to cope with the illness of a loved one.

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