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Topics to Discuss in Premarital Counseling to Help Prevent Divorce in the Future

When people get married, rarely are they planning to get a divorce later down the line. Most people enter marriage as a life-long commitment. However, because the prevalence of divorce is so high, many couples are turning to premarital counseling to help reduce their chances of divorce in the future. While there is no guarantee, healthy communication and healing from past hurts and have a huge impact on marriage longevity.

The best topics to discuss during with a marriage counseling therapist in Northern Virginia include ones that help the couple feel more prepared and emotionally ready for matrimony, such as:

Family Planning (Humans and Pets)

Do you and your fiance agree about having children someday? Does one of your love pets and the other dislikes them? It may come as a surprise to hear that most couples don’t talk about family planning until after they are married. During your sessions with a marriage counseling therapist in Northern Virginia, you can talk about whether you both want to start a family, the number of children you are hoping for, and what would happen if infertility were to occur. Would you both be open to adoption, or would your trying to children halt upon news of infertility? While no one likes to think about what would happen if they couldn’t have children, it can be a healthy conversation to have.

A marriage counseling therapist in Northern Virginia is not a financial planner or accountant, but they can help the couple talk about what they want to do with their finances after getting married. Some people prefer to keep their finances separate, while others want joint bank accounts. To prevent a financial argument after exchanging vows, it can help to plan for how bills will be handled. Knowing that you are on the same page about finances, bills, assets, and debts can better prepare you for settling into marriage. If you would like to address this in marriage counseling in Northern VA, call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

Infidelity and Honesty

Relationships aren’t always perfect, and sometimes incidents of infidelity may arise. You may want to discuss with your fiance about what you plan to do if you find out the other has cheated. Would you want to work through it together? Would you leave right away? And, do you agree about what it means to be unfaithful? For instance, is having feelings for someone else but not acting on it still cheating? Your Northern Virginia marriage counseling therapist can help you learn how to talk to your partner if you ever start to be attracted to another person. Openly talking about intimacy and attraction can help prevent misunderstandings and incidents of infidelity in the future.

How You Approach Disagreements

How you both resolve conflicts within the marriage is essential to remain united and strong. Sometimes, one or both partners grew up in a home where there wasn’t healthy communication, especially when it came to disagreements. Your therapist can help you both learn how to resolve issues in a respectful and effective way. Health communication involves listening to hear (not just to respond), showing empathy, and reaching an agreement somewhere in the middle.

To learn more about how a marriage counseling therapist in Northern Virginia can help you, please call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.