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Family Counseling Tysons Corner VAIf you are considering family counseling Tysons Corner VA residents trust, you may have many questions regarding how this process could help you and your family. There are many reasons why a family may decide to seek family counseling in Tysons Corner VA. One of the most frequent reasons is that someone in the family is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. If this serious issue is one your family is dealing with, you may feel as if your family has become fractured. Family counseling Tysons Corner VA families trust, such as Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, may be able to help.

Signs That a Family Member May Have Substance Abuse Issues

Our family counseling Tysons Corner VA clients depend on has helped many individuals and families who struggle with substance abuse problems. There are often warning signs that a person exhibits, which can be good indicators that he or she has a drug and/or alcohol problem. The following list is a brief overview of some common warning signs:

  • Failure to meet work, school, or social responsibilities or obligations
  • Impulsive behaviors, such as excessive spending
  • Lack of interest in activities they were once interested in
  • Legal problems arising from drug or alcohol use, such as drunk driving
  • Physical injury or illness
  • Relationship issues with intimate partners, family members, or friends
  • Short-term memory loss or blackouts

Has the Substance Abuse Become an Addiction?

It is not uncommon for a person struggling with substance abuse to be successful at hiding their problem from family and friends until their dependence on the substance turns into a full-blown addiction. As an experienced provider of family counseling Tysons Corner residents turn to, we understand how difficult this situation may be. The affected person is not only emotionally dependent on the substance, but their body is now also physically addicted to it. When they go without the substance, they may suffer severe withdrawal symptoms. Signs that your loved one may be addicted to the drugs or alcohol include:

  • Avoiding family, friends, and other people who are non-users and instead, seeking out individuals who also use the substance
  • Becoming angry or dismissive when loved ones show concern about the substance abuse
  • Building up a tolerance to the substance and having to consume more of it in order to feel the desired effects of the substance
  • Exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal when they do not or unable to use the substance
  • Expressing they feel they are unable to quit the substance
  • Hiding the use of substance from loved ones
  • The need to consume the substance throughout the day
  • Using the substance heavily for hours or days at a time (also referred to as binging)

It is important to remember that the signs listed above are just a brief overview. A Tysons Corner family counseling therapist from our office may discuss with you in more detail what these signs could mean and what other behaviors could signal addiction.

Family Counseling Tysons Corner VA Clients Recommend

The family therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates are available to discuss whether you and your family could benefit from family counseling. To schedule an appointment for experienced family counseling Tysons Corner VA has to offer, contact us today at 703-951-6409 or fill out a contact form from our website.

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“Dr. Hoskins and her team have been nothing short of a Godsend for my family and I. Always patient, always ready to help however she can. Her assistance has been a cornerstone in our surviving one of the worst tragedies imagineable for a family to bear.”
Rod S.
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