Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
Lindsey Hoskins & Associates

In order to understand how the couples therapy Sterling VA offers can benefit your relationship, it’s important to understand what it is and why couples take part in it. In short, Sterling couples therapy happens when a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates focuses on helping a couple resolve issues which could be provoking distress. Although most people think of these therapy sessions as being limited to romantic relationships, they can also include work relationships, family relationships, and friendships.

How Couples Therapy in Sterling VA Can Help

Some people seek out the couples therapy Sterling VA has to offer because of constant fighting, affairs, lack of intimacy, or miscommunication. In other instances a couple may choose to go to therapy because they need help in making a life changing decision such as where to live or whether to have a baby. There are also cases in which a couple attends sessions to strengthen their relationship through better understanding.

Why Choose The Couples Therapy Sterling VA Couples Trust

The benefits of couples therapy are vast, but most people will experience the following:

  • You can improve the way you communicate with each other; thereby, reducing the amount of arguments and their intensity.
  • Lost intimacy can be restored and revitalized through instilling a better, loving connection.
  • Commitments can be negotiated or renegotiated.
  • By working with a therapist, you can find clear, workable agreements that assist in airing concerns and fairs, but also in negotiating responsibilities.

Mark and Katie’s Story

Mark and Katie have been together 12 years. They love each other very much and raise a young daughter, Annabelle. Katie feels like they are drifting apart. One night Katie realizes she is looking forward to Mark going away for work because she will have the house to herself. She realizes she likes to have her own space and time, but does not want to bring up the topic to Mark because she believes it might lead to vulnerable insecurities and a big fight. With the couples therapy Sterling VA residents can count on, Katie is able to talk to mark about what she needs any why. She tells him she wishes for space that allows her to personally grow; thereby, enabling her to put more time into their relationship. The therapist is there to guide the sessions and provide unbiased support and advice.

How You Can Find The Best Couples Therapy Sterling VA Offers

If you and your partner feel like you could benefit from couples therapy in Sterling VA or you are eager to learn about it, you are encouraged to contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. Certified and trained, we are able to offer a listening ear and an open heart. Guided in a safe and confidential environment, you will be invited to identify and address conflicting issues that could be impacting your personal life and your relationship. Today you can call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for a free 15 minute consultation. We will answer your questions and you will have the opportunity to decide if we are a right match. To schedule your free consultation about couples therapy Sterling VA trusts, please call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates at (703) 372-9448.