Couples Therapy McLean VAIf you and your significant other are having relationship problems, consider looking into couples therapy McLean VA residents count on. A licensed couples therapist may help the two of you resolve your issues and improve your relationship. Going to regular therapy sessions may help save your relationship.

What Issues Can Couples Therapy Solve?

People seek couples therapy McLean VA trusts for a variety of different problems. These problems can be minor or they might be serious enough to require professional intervention. Here are some common issues that couples bring to couples therapy:

  • Constant Arguments: While it’s normal for couples to have disagreements every once in a while, constantly arguing with each other can become an issue. Couples who argue about everything under the sun may have deeper issues with one another and may benefit from therapy.
  • Infidelity: When one partner is unfaithful, it might cause the other partner to feel deep anger and resentment. In couples therapy in McLean VA, a therapist may help a couple discover why the affair happened in the first place and could provide guidance on how to move past it.
  • Loss of Attraction: Over time, some couples lose attraction to each other and don’t want to engage in sexual activity anymore. They may even treat each other like roommates instead of lovers. A couples therapist may help couples talk through their issues and improving their connection.
  • Traumatic Events: When a couple experiences a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one or an illness, it can sometimes damage their relationship. Couples therapy may help a couple come to terms with their feelings of sadness or anger, and then learn how to be happy again — together.

What to Expect from Couples Therapy

The idea of McLean VA couples therapy may be frightening to some people. After all, you would be sitting down and discussing your deepest relationship issues with someone you’ve never met before. However, after getting past the initial discomfort of couples therapy McLean VA residents often discover that therapy isn’t so bad after all.

During your first session, your therapist may ask you a few basic questions about your relationship, such as “How long have you two been together?” and “What made the two of you seek counseling?” The answers you and your significant other give to these questions may help your therapist determine the best ways to help you with your issues.

Throughout couples therapy McLean VA can provide, your therapist may teach you and your partner how to cope with relationship problems and may provide ways to communicate better. He or she may also act as a mediator as the two of you talk through your issues. If a conversation gets too heated, your therapist may intervene and help you move past the disagreement.

The amount of counseling sessions you and your partner need may depend on several factors, such as how long you have been together and how long you have had problems.

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