Couples Therapy Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling
with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples —
married, dating, or engaged heterosexual or same-sex —
and at any stage of their relationships.
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Couples who receive couples therapy Loudoun County, VA has available at Lindsey Hoskins and Associates often find they have built a stronger connection within their relationship. Whether couples therapy works or not depends on many factors, including the therapist, the couple’s commitment and the couple’s goals. Our compassionate and supportive counselors can help you set goals for counseling. But ultimately, it’s up to you and your partner to determine what you want to get out of therapy.

What Are Goals of Couples Counseling?

Many couples wait until their relationship is in trouble before going to counseling. Couples therapy Loudoun County, VA residents depend on isn’t just for couples on the verge of parting ways. Even the most in-love couples can learn better skills to have a healthier relationship. Here are few goals you might want to set when you go to therapy:

-Improve communication skills between you
-Build empathy to have more respect for each other
-Learn conflict resolution skills to avoid arguments that fester
-Strengthen intimacy
-Reduce power struggles
-Remain committed to the relationship/marriage

Couples therapy can also help you make decisions about divorce. Dealing with issues like child custody, visitation, separation of property, and spousal support isn’t easy. By receiving couples therapy Loudoun County, VA recommends, couples can work to determine whether divorce is the right plan and how to separate effectively.

You may want to talk with your partner about your goals before you come into the first counseling session. Do you have at least one shared goal? It’s okay if you have some different goals, too.

How to Prepare for Couples Counseling

Counseling can be a difficult journey as an individual. Undertaking therapy with another person can be even more daunting. When you go into couples therapy Loudoun County, VA provides, with a plan, you can be better prepared when you take time to think about what you expect and want to get out of it. Are you ready to be honest with your partner and your therapist? Is your partner on board?

The First Appointment

When you go into the unknown, you can be anxious and nervous. Couples counseling can make you feel apprehensive. That’s perfectly understandable. Your counselor isn’t there to judge you and your partner. Your counselor is there to help you find solutions for your marriage or relationship.

Make your connection a priority by taking advantage of couples therapy Loudoun County, VA couples turn to. When you schedule an appointment, clear your schedule. You may even want to block out some time before and after the meeting, to give you time to process your feelings and to talk to your spouse.

When you start couples counseling, you and your partner direct the outcome. From determining your goals to the amount of engagement, couples counseling depends on your input. To book your first session for couples therapy in Loudoun County, VA please contact us at Lindsey Hoskins and Associates for support.

5 Ways to Encourage Your Partner to Attend Couples Counseling

There is no one tactic for getting your partner to participate in couples therapy Loudoun County, VA has available. The following tips may help to encourage your partner to join in; you may find that the strategies shared below are only useful if you are not trying to manipulate your partner. As clinicians at Lindsey Hoskins and Associates can tell you, you must be dedicated to improving the relationship and willing to improve yourself along the way, as well.

So, if your companion feels hesitant about seeking couples therapy Loudoun County, VA provides, here are a few essential guidelines to follow when encouraging a couples counseling visit:

Show signs that you are willing to change yourself.

People who avoid couples counseling may think it’s because they believe it won’t be effective in facilitating real change in their relationship. To counter this worry, allow your partner to see that you are willing to change and have already begun improving yourself. Going to individual counseling is an excellent way to show that you are committed to a self-improvement process. Sharing with your partner what you have learned is a great way to demonstrate to your partner that you are dedicated to growth. This may help in convincing them to try couples therapy Loudoun County, VA couples seek assistance from.

Emphasize the fact that you’re in this together.

While your relationship may have difficulties, remind your partner you want to work together with him or her to improve the relationship. Show singleness of purpose and an openness to do what is necessary to achieve a healthy, happy partnership.

Help your partner understand that the counselor is a neutral party.

If you have made initial contact with a clinician offering couples therapy Loudoun County, Virginia residents turn to, make sure that you emphasize their neutrality to your partner. Explain that the couples counselor is not “on your side,” but is prepared and committed to working with the both of you impartially. If your partner is worried about the counselor’s bias due to preliminary contact with you, offer to equal the playing field by having your companion meet with the counselor alone to “tell their side of the story.” Or, offer to schedule a visit with a new couples counselor that neither of you has had any contact with.

Ask your partner to consider the rewards of couples counseling.

If couples therapy Loudoun County, VA couples seek assistance from was your suggestion, your partner may be resistant because it was “your idea.” To help to make couples counseling a shared idea, ask your partner what he or she would most want to get out of therapy sessions. This question may help your other half to start thinking about the potential gains he or she could obtain from couples counseling.

Point out the “even if.”

Your partner may not want to go to counseling because he or she believes there is no hope for the relationship. Respond to this argument with “even if,” meaning that “even if” the relationship has “no hope,” couples therapy Loudoun County, VA has available can still help the two of you transition toward no longer being a couple and part on good terms.

Couples therapy can help each of you to learn from your experience so that you don’t make similar mistakes again in this relationship or a future relationship (if you transition to no longer being a couple). Lindsey Hoskins and Associates serving the Virginia area can supply compassionate counseling assistance during tough relationship times. For couples therapy Loudoun County, VA residents turn to, contact our office to schedule a visit today.

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