Melaina Garrison, LMFT

Melaina Garrison, Senior Associate TherapistSenior Associate Therapist

Clinical Degree: Azusa Pacific University, Clinical Psychology – Marriage and Family Therapy

Prepare/Enrich Certified: Yes

Available: Sunday through Thursday (afternoon & evening)

Fees: $170 per 50-minute session; $255 per 90-minute session; $1150 for five-session Prepare/Enrich package

Clinical Special Interests: Anxiety; Depression & Mood Disorders; Childhood Disorders, Trauma, & Development; Adolescent & Young Adult Identity Formation; Faith & Spirituality; Fostering & Adoption; Grief; Infertility & Pregnancy Loss; Post-Abortion Coping & Processing; Premarital Counseling

Contact:, 703-951-6409

About Me

I am passionate about what I do because I truly, and genuinely, love helping people. I believe that all people ultimately want to feel understood, loved, valued, and accepted for who they are. I take a charitable and nonjudgmental approach, appreciate every individual’s unique worth, and accept every person where they are at in their journey. Therapy is essentially what you as the client decide to make of it, and therefore I follow the tone and pace that you would like to set. I will challenge you to go deeper if you would like and once you feel ready. I am here to walk alongside you on your journey, not to push from behind or lead from ahead.

As a therapist I seek to discover the subconscious motivation that can lead to insight and growth for my clients. Whether I am working with a child seeking to express what is going on inside of themselves, a teen searching for their identity and autonomy, an adult progressing through the constant changes life throws at them, or a couple or family stuck in a rut, I can help clients navigate life circumstances that may have them feeling stuck. My goal is to help you overcome any obstacles you may be experiencing, to help you strengthen those relationships most important to you, and to ultimately help you find the fullness and happiness that you want and deserve.

Although I thoroughly enjoy psychotherapy with adolescents and adults, I also have extensive clinical experience working with children and their families within the school system. My expertise extends from identifying and diagnosing early onset mood and behavioral disorders, to assessing the need for medication evaluation, to advocating for your child within the school system and even providing intervention recommendations within the classroom. Through therapy, a child can learn many life skills such as emotion regulation, problem-solving, decision-making, attention and focus, conflict resolution, coping skills, and social skills. I am here to help your child unlock and maximize their true potential and to help strengthen the parent-child bond.

I welcome people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds and enjoy seeing how those distinct experiences and perspectives impact the uniqueness of each person’s therapy process. I am happy to incorporate a Christian perspective into therapy upon request, but I am also able to work from a secular, clinically-neutral perspective as well.

My Background

My life experiences have led me around the world and across the country over the past two decades. I am from the Midwest, but I have also lived on both coasts, and temporarily in two other countries. Over the past several years I have become intrigued by emerging research involving the connection between nutrition and psychology, and I am pursuing further training in this specialty. I have a loving husband and together (and individually) we love sports and being active, enjoying the outdoors, raising our sweet goldendoodle pup named Basil (who is training to be a future therapy dog), traveling, and discovering new places. I look at life as an exciting adventure made better by positive relationships and helping others along the way.