Couples therapy can be helpful to partners struggling with any aspect of their relationship.
Our clinicians welcome all types of couples — married, dating, or engaged;
heterosexual or same-sex — and at any stage of their relationships.
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What Is Premarital Counseling?

Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offers premarital counseling in Sterling VA couples appreciate for its many benefits. Before entering into marriage, many people choose to enter into premarital counseling before they begin their lifetime commitment to the one they love.

Premarital counseling in Sterling VA can help couples prepare for their marriage. Your therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can provide you with tools that may assist in establishing a satisfying and stable union. For some, Sterling premarital counseling also includes identifying issues in the relationship that are at risk for causing problems in the marriage. By facing them head on and developing a loving and thoughtful strategy for dealing with those issues, premarital counseling can offer long-term benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Premarital Counseling?

When it comes to premarital counseling Sterling VA community members often ask our counselors to explain the benefits. In fact, there are many reasons to consider working with a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates prior to the wedding day. Here are some of the most common reasons why couples who are engaged choose premarital counseling:

  • Because the risk of divorce is very high when couples first get married, early intervention therapy is critically important. Before years of resentment have a chance to set in, couples can work out their concerns and problems before they become a “deal breaker.”
  • Premarital counseling Sterling VA locals engage in prior to marriage can provide opportunities for each partner to develop successful skills for clear communication and conflict resolution.
  • Establishing realistic expectations and goals for the marriage encourages each partner to be more open to the needs and limitations of the other. It can also reduce stress in the relationship and provide a more loving, less judgmental environment for the subsequent marriage.

What Is Discussed during Premarital Counseling Sessions?

Generally, any issues or topics of importance to either partner are on the table to discuss and work on. Some of the most common topics discussed during premarital counseling Sterling VA residents engage in include the following:

  • The amount and quality of time that the couple spends together without other people or distractions;
  • Financial issues, investments, budgets, etc.;
  • Methods to improve communication in a positive way;
  • Core values and beliefs;
  • Thoughts on having (more) children and how to raise them, including religious beliefs;
  • Sex and affection;
  • Marital role expectations;
  • Relationships and dynamics with extended family;
  • Tools to come to mutual decisions;
  • How to manage anger in a healthy way; and
  • Quality time together– is it too much or not enough?

What Should I Look for in a Premarital Counselor?

When considering working with a premarital counselor, it’s important to have a good fit between you and your partner and the counselor. Choosing the counselor without first meeting with them is fine, but it’s also okay if you change counselors after a few visits if the dynamics are not optimum. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates we encourage our clients to consider working with an alternate therapist on our staff if they do not feel a connection. Before your first appointment, considering asking the prospective therapist these questions:

  • Experience and formal training.
  • What certifications and training do you have?
  • Are you licensed as a therapist?
  • What is your experience working with clients to provide them premarital counseling?
  • Sessions.
  • What is the duration of each session?
  • How many sessions does premarital counseling require?
  • Costs.
  • What is the cost per session?
  • Does Lindsey Hoskins & Associates accept insurance?

Give us a call at 703-951-6409 to reach one our therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to learn more about premarital counseling in Sterling VA appreciates.

Client Review

“Dr. Hoskins and her team have been nothing short of a Godsend for my family and I. Always patient, always ready to help however she can. Her assistance has been a cornerstone in our surviving one of the worst tragedies imagineable for a family to bear.”
Rod S.
Client Review